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Writing Courses

Welcome to the Creative1 Writing Academy

Creative1 Writing Academy

Writing Courses and Training Programmes to Inspire

Creative writing is a wonderful outlet. It can help to combat the stresses and strains of daily life. With a little care, a great deal of thought and being able to indulge in the whole creative writing process, it can also turn into a career. We designed the Creative1 Writing Academy so to offer many specialist writing courses designed for aspiring writers.

The whole creative writing process is extensive. Being able to write well in one genre, does not necessarily mean you can write well in others.  The ethos of the Creative1 Writing Academy is to shine the spotlight onto specific areas of writing and to create in-depth, highly informative writing courses. 

These are designed to shape your mind and escalate your progress so you can, with the right intent,  develop your skills to a high level. 

Bookmark this page or re-visit often and you’ll see creative writing courses to accelerate your learning curve.

Select the writing course that appeals and we will send you inspirational content designed to bring out the writer in you. Some of our writing courses are short but incredibly detailed, others, are longer with more writing tasks and you need a greater commitment to completing.

You can buy one of our writing courses and start at any time. 

 Please note that we welcome writers from across the globe but as we are based in the UK and Spain, there may be a minimal delay if you are in a different time zone.  If you have any questions, please contact us at: [email protected]

Audio Courses

Click on the image above or select a writing course or training programme from the text links below.

The Creative Writing Toolkit

Write, Enter and Win Writing Competitions

Write Romantic Fiction Writing Course

Create Living Breathing Characters

The Busy Writer

Crime Writing Course

Mysry Fiction Writing Course

Writing for Children Course

Writing the YA Novel Writing Course

Creating a WordPress Website Course

Book Formatting for Kindle Instructional

Magic and Fantasy Creative Writing Course

Crafting Fairy Tale Stories for Children

Freelance Writing Course


Craft a Murderer Writing Course 

Craft an Amateur Sleuth Writing Course

New! Writing the Twist in the Tale Course (Plus Evaluation)

Characters That Kill Writing Course(Plus Evaluation)

Feel the Fear – Horror Fiction Writing Course

Writing Programmes

First Page Writing Programme

The Fiction Masterclass

Novel Writing Blueprint

365 Creative Writing Programme

Audio Courses

Kick-Start Your Creativity 

Fiction First-Aid




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