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The Route to Publishing Success is a Minefield

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Getting published is the dream for many, but knowing how to go about it and how to achieve that dream is another thing altogether. We take the mystery out of getting published and help you escalate sales with our tried and tested marketing strategies.  Our author services provide you with solid advice and support using years of writing and publishing experience to help make the journey towards publication and beyond enjoyable and ultimately achievable. We’ve helped writers all across the globe and many of our clients come back to us time and time again. 

Our author services include:


If you have hit a stumbling block and are struggling with a specific aspect of writing, then let us guide you through the process with some targeted and highly effective coaching.

Mini-Manuscript Evaluation

Have you written the opening chapters of your novel? Would you like a professional evaluation of these chapters detailing areas of strength and any developmental issues? This is the perfect resource to make sure you are writing tightly and are on track for a well-written book. Don’t leave it to chance. 

Manuscript Evaluation

It doesn’t matter how many words you have written, impartial feedback is invaluable. We provide a full or mini-manuscript evaluation service.  We are not here to simply critique your work however, we evalulate the manuscript as a whole from the technique, and the strength of the storyline to the pace, characterisation and descriptive content too. It can be the difference between publication and rejection. Our manuscript evaluation service affords you the opportunity to brush up on specific areas and to polish your manuscript to publication standard and to help you to avoid those nasty rejections.

Editing and Proof-Reading 

Whether you have written a novel or non-fiction book we can help. Our editing and proofreading service takes a look at the structure of your writing, line by line and provides deep editing whilst correcting any grammatical errors that may have crept in. Our editing and proofreading service is available to purchase separately and is available to help you in these final stages prior to publication.

Press Release 

Never underestimate the power of a professional press release.  Our service is targeted and aimed at  creating a buzz about your book so we take the time to get to know you and to develop a strong angle that will help your book stand out from the crowd. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that press releases are only for the celebrity authors. The media is hungry for new stories and we can help identify trends and areas which may well take your book a high priority for publishers worldwide.

Article Marketing

Spreading the word about your book is important so we have created an article marketing service for authors just like you. We keyword the articles and create attention-grabbing articles to incite interest from online publishers globally. We will also publish the article here on the Creative Competitor. The articles promoting your book can be seen by thousands of people, book readers, writers and publishers alike. Article marketing is another great way to flood the marketplace with news about your book and we do all of the work for you including distribution.

Social Media Strategy

Many of you will not have the time to create or run a highly targeted social media strategy, so let us do the hard work for you. Twitter is a valuable resource for writers and authors and we have achieved incredible results with our own Twitter campaign. Even better, our followers are book enthusiasts who love to re-tweet and spread the word. Maximise your sales by letting us run your campaign for you.

Book Proposal Service

Make a good first impression. If you would like your book to be published using traditional methods and need professional help creating a tightly-written non-fiction book proposal that will incite interest from agents or publishers, then look no further.We work with you to ensure that we capture the true essence of your book and then create a lively, attention-grabbing pitch that commands attention. Writing a query letter or book proposal requires a great deal of skill to ensure that the contents of the envelope is even read, our service ensures even the most time-stricken publishers want to read more.

Manuscript Conversion Service – Kindle

Have you written a book and need the manuscript converted ready for Amazon Kindle? We can help.

It’s so important to get the formatting of your manuscript just right otherwise the slightest mistake can lead to an unsightly book and negative feedback resulting in fewer sales going forward. We are experts at converting manuscripts ready for publication and this includes the hyper-linked table of contents. Your book will look beautifully professional and any images within the manuscript will be compressed so that they are easy to view on the Kindle.

Manuscript Conversion Service – Createspace

We all know that Amazon are the market leaders for authors in terms of book sales and if you are considering self-publishing your book, you should most definitely publish to the Kindle marketplace as well as to Createspace thereby giving your book the best chance of sales with both a digital and paperback version. We’ve worked with authors for many years now and know how worrying the whole formatting process is as both the Kindle and Createspace versions require the manuscript to be formatted completely differently. There’s much that can go wrong. 

Website Creation

Are you an author looking to promote your book through your own website? Are you tired of trying to learn all the techy elements piecing together the information to build your own site little by little? Don’t worry, we know just what you need and take all the stress out of building a website so you can go back to the serious business of writing books.

Twitter Growth

In this day and age of manic social media marketing, there’s no doubt that you need to have a large number of Twitter followers if you wish to promote your business or book. If you have been trying to grow your followers and only have a few hundred or few thousand, you will know how time-consuming it is, so why not let us take the strain and provide a highly targeted proactive approach? 

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