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Magic and Fantasy Creative Writing Course

Magic and Fantasy Writing Course

Ready to craft a world of magic and fantasy?

Creative Writing Course

Magic and fantasy fiction are often interwoven and have been found to be very popular with readers. You only have to think about the fantasy and magical elements of books such as the Harry Potter series to see this is true. However, don’t think that this genre is only suitable for the young, adults too are hooked on magic and fantasy story-lines and the story often transcends age. So, if you are keen to learn the basics, you could find yourself in a  very lucrative niche.

But what makes for a successful story in this genre?

It’s about determining who your market audience is, considering the age range and language used. Your only limitations are your ability to free your mind from daily life and to set your inner child free, so that magic becomes not just possible but expected. Craft new worlds, create new entities but give them a human connection and watch your readers become hooked by your story-telling abilities.

In this course, you will learn all about:

Crafting an idea that works

Setting the scene


The fantasy elements

The magical elements

Putting it all together

This is such an exciting and liberating genre, even if you have never tried to write fiction that utilises these techniques, try it for yourself. Have fun with fiction.

Filled with tips, suggestions and  a spotlight on the necessary techniques.

At the end of the course, you will need to complete a final assessment and we will provide you with full feedback to help you on your creative journey.

This course launches on August 12th but you can sign up  now for a magical price. Only £11.95 or £9.95 for Write, Learn and Publish Members. On August 12th, the price increases to £19.95.

Magic and Fantasy Creative Writing Book

Ready to create a little magic? Sign up by using the PayPal buttons below. Once you have done so, drop us an email: [email protected] confirming the best email address to use. Add magic and fantasy course to the subject line. If you are a Write, Learn and Publish member, please confirm your membership number in the subject line as well. If you have forgotten it, just let us know.

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Note:  The discounted price remains only until the launch date and then, the full price will be listed. The price includes an evaluation of the final task. The course will be sent out on the launch date.


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