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Writing the Twist in the Tale Course

twist in the tale

Writing The Twist In The Tale Story

Want to know the secret of writing a short story with a surprise ending?

The twist in the tale story has always been incredibly popular with readers and writers alike and yet, it can be far more difficult to write than many people think. You have to understand what makes for a good story. After all, it’s not as easy as sticking a twist onto the end, you have to build up to the finale but you also, have to fool the reader in a secretive and clever way.

With this in mind, we have crafted a course that reveals the secret behind writing professional-level twist in the tale stories. Yes, professional-level because once you understand how to write it,  you just need to apply the techniques.

Writing twist endings

Even better, you receive everything you need straight away. Simply, read and review and then, have a go. Plus, we’ve gone one further with this course. Each and every person who completes their twist in the tale course and who sends in their completed task receives an evaluation – within 7 days. There’s no better way to learn the relevant techniques and to make this one of your favourites.

Don’t forget, that the price is for the course and the evaluation all-rolled into one.

Book now and get ready to hone your skill and to craft your twist endings.

Pay £14.50

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