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Write, Learn and Publish

Competition Success

Want to learn how to craft wonderful stories or learn how to write a novel? Perhaps you want to become a freelance writer or write non-fiction books? We can help.

Our  Write, Learn and Publish membership is designed to help writers improve their writing techniques whatever their goals, to build up confidence and help them to get published! Even the most experienced writers have new techniques to learn and new writing outlets to explore. Mind-set plays an important part of a professional writer’s life, so improving how you think and feel about writing can take you a step closer to success.

Do you have a yearning to get published?

Let us help you.

Whether you like fiction or non-fiction, our Write, Learn and Publish program will enhance your abilities and your creative vision helping you to source opportunities and become an established writer. We also provide you with some great benefits. If you are a writing competition enthusiast, you can enter any or all of our writing competitions for free. Want feedback on your writing efforts? We provide you with substantial discounts on our Professional Critique or Editing/Proofreading Service. But there’s more, we have a full list of author services and offer discount and support as part of your membership package. 

As part of our newly-designed service, we have introduced powerful presentations to help you improve your skills….think of it as a learning academy where you can dip in and out of these great features reading when you have the time. The presentations take an in-depth look into an area of writing and help you to write with greater conviction. We cover all aspects of writing – from tips to help get you started, to crime writing, crafting the romance story, creative characterisation, novel writing, dialogue, freelance writing and getting published. Our latest presentation is all about crafting a powerful death scene.

A writer's guide to the death scene r

New for January 2017

Markets for Women

New for April 2017

Write A Non-Fiction Book

Want to learn how to develop your writing further and get published? By signing up, you are agreeing to a subscription but don’t worry, you can cancel at any point if you so wish.

So what do you get?

The Fiction Masterclass Series (August 2016) NEW!

Free unlimited entry into any of our writing competitions

Massive discounts on our Novel Writing Critiques (30%)

Free evaluation of a short story (up to 3000 words) or first chapter (up to 4000 words). Only available with a six month subscription.

 Our monthly ‘Write to be Published’ newsletter

Articles, Writing jobs, Writing Markets, Writing Advice /Tips, Author interviews, Free Members-only Writing Competition, Coaching etc. 

You can also get a Free BOOK – The Fiction Writer – Keep Your Reader Hanging

The Fiction Writer


Embrace Your Freelance Writing Career

Freelance Writing

Plus……A Bonus

WLP Travel Markets Cover

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You will receive your membership details once we have received notification of payment and have added your details to the members-only database. If the email address connected to your PayPal account is different to the one where you would like us to send your newsletter,  please do let us know here: [email protected]

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