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Fiction First Aid Audio Course

Fiction First Aid Audio Course

Writing fiction can be wonderful but, it can also be incredibly frustrating. There are so many elements to go wrong, poor characterisation, an incorrect starting point or a weak ending which leaves the readers unsatisfied. Even if you write consistently and often, if you are not aware of your mistakes, your progression is going to be slow.

Enter the second in our serious of audio courses:

Fiction First-Aid – Simple Effective Fixes to Make Your Writing Shine

Fiction First Aid

Written and presented by author and editor Annette Young, this audio course has been designed to reveal some of the most common mistakes that writers make when crafting a story and we’ve detailed remedies for improvement. Sometimes, it takes the most simple of tweaks or, an intuitive approach to change so that your writing can progress with conviction. Sometimes, understanding why your fiction is not working will increase your awareness of the relevant writing techniques.

If you are frustrated with your fiction-telling skills or would like a quick and easy refresher of the points to look out for when you are next crafting a story, then, this fabulous audio course may be for you.

Best of all, we have launched our wonderful new course at only £2.95 but hurry, it will not remain this price for long.



There’s no homework, no tasks to complete, just lots of information to help you fix those fictional issues. Pay now and start today. Any questions? Contact us at: [email protected]

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