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Was £80 now only £14.50

If you love creative writing competitions you will love this course. It provides a unique glimpse into how writing competitions operate, what the judges are looking for and, it will help to multiply your chances of winning because you will start to view competition topics differently. You’ll expand your perception and imagination and you’ll start to think like a professional writer.

The course is very interactive, providing examples of types of writing received relating to specific competitions and explains why each piece was successful or would have been rejected.

Key tips and unique projects guarantee stimulation of the creative mind and improve the success rate every time you enter a writing competition.

Contents include:

Writing competition basics

Using photographs for inspiration

Student examples by comparison

Short fiction

Where to find writing competitions

Competition do’s and don’ts

The developing writer

Coping with rejections

Using affirmations

Was £80.00 now only £14.50

Sign up today and embrace the potential to win big with writing competitions.

We are based in the UK and Spain. We welcome writers from all around the world but please be aware there may be some slight delays in responding to any queries or purchases due to time zone differences if you are outside of the UK or Europe. We thank you in advance for your patience. 

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