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Characters That Kill Writing Course

Uniquely Different but Highly Compelling

writing course

This brand new creative writing course by the Creative Competitor has been designed to take your writing skills to a whole new level.

When you are able to understand the psychology of people, you are able to write from an informed viewpoint and, you will then write with conviction. This writing course provides you with a unique perspective as to what drives people to kill and,  how you can make your characters seem deliciously evil and highly believable.

This course can be seen as an add-on to the Craft a Murderer course but is very much a standalone course because it looks at all of the aspects that can lead to murderous intent. There are so many triggers that could lead to this act – fear, intimidation, love, betrayal, peer pressure and so on….

This is not just any old writing course.

This is a highly-focussed, no fluff e-course which targets the fundamentals of good characterisation as well as enabling you to visualise the elements that could make a formerly good person turn bad. Author and Creative Competitor editor Annette Young delves into the realms of psychology exploring not just the triggers of life that could lead to murderous thoughts but also, how everyday scenarios and people around you could instigate murder.

This course is written for creative writers and, by applying this information, your characters will become multi-layered, interesting, dynamic and readily believable.

Whether you write crime fiction, would like to write crime fiction at some point in the future, or, if you just wish to expand your creative writing abilities, sign up now.

The course contains a serious of concise writing tasks within so to help you think and feel like a professional writer. Plus, if you complete the final task, you will receive detailed feedback to help you progress further. All of our writing courses are available to writers worldwide.

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