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Create Living Breathing Characters

Create Living Breathing Characters Course



This writing course was £65.00 but is now only £8.50 for a limited period of time. 

Creating successful characters is one of the most important techniques to learn as it is the strength and believability of those characters that make the reader start to care about  your story. Without the reader buying into the character progression, the story will remain 2 dimensional.

This beautifully crafted writing course is all about bringing your characters to life and includes some inspiring projects as well as:

Using photos for character inspiration• creating layers• character profiles• flaws• creating the protagonist• What if scenario’s• Conflict• Dramas• locations• Body language and behaviours • Developing the characters• Action scenes• Dialogue • Creative projects• Tutor feedback.

This is an intensive course with support by professional writing tutor Annette Young

We are based in the UK and Spain. We welcome writers from all around the world but please be aware there may be some slight delays in responding to any queries or purchases due to time zone differences if you are outside of the UK or Europe. We thank you in advance for your patience.

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