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Mystery Fiction Writing Course

Writing a Mystery Story


Let the Mystery Writing Begin……

Interested in learning how to craft the mystery story or novel? This is an incredibly popular genre and to write with conviction, you need to learn how to think like a mystery writer. Make it too complex and you will only confuse your readers, make it too simple and they’ll unravel your plot in only a few pages. This writing course has been specially crafted to help writers of all levels understand and utilise the required techniques of mystery writing and includes:

The Mystery Plot

Implementing Clues


Creating Amateur Detectives/ Private Eyes

The Importance of Setting

Implementing Layers/The Plot Thickens

Red Herrings

This is a brand new course for the Creative Competitor and carefully crafted by author, editor and professional writing tutor Annette Young. Sign up today for the discounted price and get ready to learn.

The launch date for this course is September 5th.

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Note: The full price for this course is £19.95

We are based in the UK and Spain. We welcome writers from all around the world but please be aware there may be some slight delays in responding to any queries or purchases due to time zone differences if you are outside of the UK or Europe. We thank you in advance for your patience. 

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