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Kick-Start Your Creativity Audio Course

It’s time to create the foundations of your writing and to make the creative pulses sizzle

Kick-Start the Creative Process

Welcome to the first in this series, a set of 30-minute audio courses that provide you with so many writing tips, anecdotes and ideas that ensure your creative juices start to flow. Written and performed by author and editor Annette Young, this audio course is sure to help stimulate your creativity forming an excellent foundation for growth. Whether you are an experienced creative writer or just starting out, everyone will learn something. These introductory audio courses do not provide assessments and there are no set tasks – just guidance so you really do learn the art of creative writing while you listen.

It’s like having your very own writing tutor at home.

Are you ready to have fun with your writing?

Buy now for just £2.95 (Yes, £2.95) at our introductory offer price and start listening today.


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