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Creative Writing Toolkit

Creative Writing

The Creative Writing Toolkit

You asked for it and so, we deliver. The Creative Writing Toolkit has been designed to provide you with the foundations of creative writing, in other words, it forms a solid starting point so that you can have fun with writing and progress at the same time too.

Beautifully structured, it provides you with numerous ideas to stimulate creativity, it provides you with starting points so that you can jump right in fully inspired and increase your productivity while learning lots of new writing techniques.

If you continuously struggle to get started, are not sure how or what to write, the Creative Writing Toolkit  will make a difference.  No more struggling to start the creative process, the ideas will come to you in abundance.

Creative Writing Courses

So what does the Creative Writing Toolkit contain? 


Creative Writing

Inspiration. Techniques. Self-help tasks. Writing Projects. Feedback.

Whether you are new to creative writing or, have been writing for years, it will open up new ways of thinking, will help you to ignite the writer within while increasing your love of the written word. Comprehensive, educational and inspiring……plus, there’s in-depth feedback too.

Offer Price: £9.95  or £7.95 for Write, Learn and Publish members.

Full price will be: £19.95 on the launch date: 15th June.

Want to grab a copy at the offer price? Click on the appropriate PayPal button below.

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