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The Fiction Masterclass

FictionThe Fiction Masterclass

Start RIGHT NOW and have FUN with Fiction


Learn from the comfort of your own home.

If you love writing fiction but can never quite get those characters to come to life fully or, if your plot is weak in places or, worse, fizzles out completely, you’ve come to the right place. If you struggle with dialogue or have trouble creating substantial ideas and your ending isn’t so much strong and powerful but, meanders on and on and on….don’t worry. The Fiction Masterclass will help.

How does it work?

The Fiction Masterclass is a program of training. We have created an abundance of fiction tips, techniques and presentations designed to help you to progress your fiction writing skills substantially. It’s aesthetically pleasing and written in manageable chunks so you can process the information, absorbing it more readily. Plus, you can dip in and out of it at will. There are presentations, PDF’s and masses of tips, ideas and suggestions that will help you to think and feel like a writer. There are no time-frames as to when you review the information but it works well if you read the information as soon as you are able, downloading the information and book-marking it for when you can review properly. It’s a fun way to learn but it keeps the learning momentum going. 

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For those who learn best by utilising a practical approach, you will also have an abundance of writing projects to help you test out your new-found knowledge ensuring you completely understand the information provided.

We have spent many years in the writing and publishing industry and author, editor and professional writing tutor Annette Young has helped numerous people over the years to increase their skill-set and to achieve their writing dreams and to achieve publication. This online training program has been written by Annette and covers the most important elements of fiction writing. It’s specifically written to bring these elements into play and to provide an insider view using highly visual training elements. This is a training program like no other.

You’ll have fun all the way through and Annette will be on hand if you have any questions. 

The Fiction Masterclass is FREE to Write, Learn and Publish members but if you prefer to not sign up for membership, you can book your place RIGHT NOW. We have a special offer. $9.95 or £7.95 (instead of £24.95). For a limited time only! This is incredible value and once you have made your payment, we just need your email address! Following this, we’ll add you into the training program and you will receive complete access to the masterclass collection. If you love creative writing, this is quite simply the best way to learn.

Pay just $9.95 by clicking on the PayPal button below: span>


Or pay just £7.95 by clicking on the PayPal button below:


Additional information: The Fiction Masterclass is an online/automated program and installments are emailed to you. Full details will be given to you throughout and you will have support at all times. This training program has been created to make it easy to learn and if you miss a day, don’t worry, the information will still be there. Any questions? Email us: [email protected] and mark the subject line with Fiction Masterclass.

Please note that once you have made your payment or have signed up for the Write, Learn and Publish membership, please contact us at the above email address so we can add you to the Fiction Masterclass. 


Loved the masterclass. I really wanted to learn to think like a fiction writer and this helped. Cheers Annette – A. Grainger

I had no idea that the Fiction Masterclass would be so comprehensive. What an absolute bargain. I read the content eagerly initially but am now dipping in and out when I need reminders when writing fiction – Pauline Smith

I was expecting a normal online course when I signed up but I loved the aesthetics. Short but powerful presentations that make you think before you write. It was a pleasure to be part of it – Tom Hall



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