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Novel Writing Blueprint

Novel Writing Action Plan

There’s a novel inside each and everyone of us and sometimes, people need a little help to bring that story to life

This 14-Day Novel Writing Programme is a blue-print for success irrespective of the genre of fiction you wish to work in. It’s an action-plan that takes you through the whole stages of planning, preparation, and research and it does so in beautifully designed and manageable stages so that you can follow it step by step to success. 

There’s no doubt that writing a novel can seem daunting but not with this 14-day developmental programme. Take away the fear – add in the technique and it could not be easier. Sign up and each day, a new section of the action plan is sent out to you but don’t worry if you can’t follow it day by day, all the information is stored in sequence so you can read it at your leisure. Quite simply, there is nothing like this out there. 

Create your Novel Writing Plan and We Provide Professional Feedback


Created by Author and Editor Annette Young, this is a foolproof programme of development designed to make the novel writing process so much easier and to streamline each stage. There’s no fluff, it is a no-nonsense blueprint towards creative success and at the end of the 14-days, you’ll have all of your characters, a chapter -by chapter compelling story-line, your chosen genre, you’ll know the protagonist, the antagonist, you’ll know how and when the plot changes, how to create super-effective lead-ins. We cover cliffhangers, how to create a plot snapshot, how to intensify your character’s main problems, how to create important sub-plots and oh, so much more. 

You do not need to write the novel at this stage unless you want to – this is about creating the structure, about learning the best way to craft your story, to develop and to add depth to each layer

Annette Young

Importantly, this unique 14-day action plan helps you to avoid many of the writing pitfalls and saves you months or even years of trying to learn by your own mistakes. At the end of the 14 days, you’ll have a tangible plan for your unique story that will make your writing almost effortless. If you wish to apply all of this information and start writing your novel during this time, it is absolutely fine, but for those who simply wish to create a plan of action and to learn each stage, you do not have to write the novel. This programme is designed to provide a framework for success. 

Quite simply, this takes all of the mystery out of writing a novel and makes it accessible to all

Sign up now and start straight away. All we need is the best email address in which to contact you and we’ll do the rest. Follow each step or dive in when ready. It doesn’t matter when you begin your novel, all of the material is yours to keep but, if you do create and complete your action plan, we will provide you with professional feedback. More details on this once you have signed up. 

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