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Could You Become A Freelance Writer?


by Annette Young

So you’d like to become a freelance writer? You may have heard that it is a great way to supplement your income or perhaps you have a burning ambition to become a full-time writer, whatever your goals, it is important to realise that the freelancing lifestyle isn’t for everyone and to be successful you need to be prepared.

If you become a freelance writer, planning ahead is vital. It is likely that you will work longer hours, earn less and have more demands on you than in any current job, especially in the early stages of your new career. I would always suggest that you put a stack of cash aside first if you decide that you want to write full-time as it can take a while to build up your writing credits initially.

 The questions to ask yourself are:

1. Can you write well? If your English skills are poor then you will find it difficult to be successful

2. Do you have enough money coming in or put by to cover for times when earnings are minimal?

3. Are you self motivating?

4. Are you determined to succeed against the odds?

5. How thick skinned are you? Rejections can hurt.

 This may all sound like I’m trying to put potential writers off freelancing and this couldn’t be further from the truth as I live and breathe writing myself. For me, it’s the most wonderful job to have and irrespective of the long hours, the rejections or the sometimes erratic pay, I really wouldn’t want to be doing anything else. It’s just important to not rush in without learning the ropes first. Become a freelance writer by all means, just make sure that you are an informed one and ready to take on the challenges of the writing world.

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