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Quick Advice for New Writers

My advice for new writers is simple really, write as much as you can and as often as you can.  You learn so much through trial and error.

I had a passion for writing from the time that I could first pick up a pen and writing cramp excluded, I would handwrite pages and pages of my stories (inspired by Enid Blyton in my early years) but never really considered until I was much older that I might make life a little easier on myself by planning my writing more thoroughly.

This revelation came to me after years of enjoying extensive creative bursts and relying on this inspiration to fuel my desire to write but that’s not the best way to be productive.

My advice for new writers is to:

1. Make time for your writing
2. Set reasonable goals i.e. I will write a new story each week
3. Make your mindset a favourable one, reaffirm your intent every time you struggle to find the right words or feel like giving up
4. Don’t just focus on one genre, try out lots so that you can ascertain your natural style
5. Don’t emulate other writers, you need to find your own voice
6. Read as much as you can so that you can learn through others
7. Join a creative writing group or enrol in an online class

The best advice for new writers though is to never give up on your writing dream, you might struggle en-route but perseverance ultimately pays off.

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