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Book Proposal Service

professional book proposal service

  You Only Get One Chance to Make A Great First Impression….

If you would like your book to be published using traditional methods and need professional help creating a tightly-written non-fiction book proposal that will incite interest from agents or publishers, then look no further.

We work with you to ensure that we capture the true essence of your book and then create a lively, attention-grabbing pitch that commands attention. Writing a query letter or book proposal requires a great deal of skill to ensure that the contents of the envelope is even read, our service ensures even the most time-stricken publishers want to read more.

We get results…

There is no doubt that traditional publishing has continued to become more competitive every year, we fine-tune every aspect of the book proposal, mindful that each word is vital in helping you to win a publishing deal. We care about the end result and ensure your proposal stands head and shoulders above the rest. Publishing is a competitive business, our service gives you a fighting chance to take that first all-important step to the Agent/ Publisher’s desk.

Author, Editor Annette Young has many years of experience writing and publishing and helping other authors into print, she now brings her expertise to the Creative Competitor Author Services.

Our basic book proposal consists of four important elements:

  • a two to four page book synopsis
  • a one page query letter
  • a chapter-by-chapter outline
  • a one-page author’s bio

To find out more or to discuss your non-fiction book needs, please contact us here: [email protected]

Only £195.00

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