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Press Release

Press releases

A Press Release is a powerful resource that can escalate your book publicity campaign to dizzy new heights. It has to be written in a detail orientated way that attracts the attention of the media on a global scale.  A professional press release brings out those vital elements of your book, but from an angle that you may not have even considered. We consider those news-hungry journalists who are searching for their next story and give them what they need resulting in a buzz about your book before and after publication.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that press releases are only for celebrity authors. The media is hungry for new stories and we can help identify trends and areas which may well make your book a high priority for publishers worldwide. Imagine waking up and seeing details of your book published across the web or, journalists contacting you, keen to know more.


We take the time to get to know you and to create the best angle for your book, creating an attention grabbing press release that will do your book proud.  Contact us to find out what we can do for you or simply click on the PayPal button below and save £25.

Usually £75.00 – order now for only £50.00.

Please allow up to 7 days for completion.

Once you have paid for your press release, please email us with the name of your book and a brief outline. We will then contact you for more detailed information and start to create a polished and professional press release that will reach out to the media on a global scale.

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