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Writing Tip of the Week 24

Creative Writing TipsMany people dream of becoming a writer and it’s understandable. The prospect of becoming a published writer or to make money from the written word is enticing but, let’s not kid ourselves, like everything worthwhile in life, it takes hard work to make creative writing a success story. If you want to be a writer, try to write each day. On those days or times when it’s impossible, think about it. Explore creative possibilities, craft possible new characters, think of plots and twists and throw in a little bit of creative ‘what if’s’ into the scenario. Mull over ideas until they become real to you. This is the difference between someone who is determined to be a writer over someone who imagines it must be nice. Ten minutes of writing each day will make a difference. Double that and you double the creative acceleration and so on. Think like a writer, act like a writer and dream like a writer.

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