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Writing Tip of the Week 15

How many times has devine inspiration suddenly appeared out of the blue? That perfect idea, the perfect character, a plot that sizzles with so many twists and turns that it takes your breath away? But how typical that you are in the middle of a family dinner or at work,submerged in a sea of paperwork or perhaps your children are asking you to push them harder and higher on the swings.

 You may want to commit your idea to memory and believe that you will remember this idea once you are back at home but don’t take that chance. Good ideas can come and go in a flash. It only takes a moments distraction before your memory starts to fade and before you know it, it’s vanished or you are left with a mere shell of a plot.

Why not carry a little notebook with you when you are out? Or if you prefer, invest in a dictaphone. It needn’t take you long to scribble down the essence of your idea but you will be very glad that you did. Remember, that one idea could be the latest best-seller and it could seal your fate as the next great writer.

Ideas are precious. Store yours for when you have time to indulge them.

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