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The MAGIC Is In The Words

By Rachel Hert

Every word you use has power. Even the smallest words such as I, A, and My conjure up images and emotion. They mean something to people. Different words elicit different emotions. Of course some words are stronger than others.

I’ve always loved to write. Since I was a child I would find my way into amazing stories through books and sought to replicate the incredible ability to tell a story that people loved so much they couldn’t put it down. I was in love with stories. So I sat down and started writing.

Words had this magical quality to them. A single misplaced one could ruin everything. The wrong word would ruin the story jerking you from its pages with fierce intensity and leave you staring down at nothing but black ink spread across a page. I hated it when that happened, but for a long time I didn’t understand why it happened.

As time passed I learned that in order to write a good story you had to connect with the reader on an emotional level. Unfortunately I did not yet know how to do that. So I set out to learn.

I spent several years studying the craft of putting words together.

Instead of telling you “He ran” I learned to draw it out and show you what was happening.

“The gravel crunched beneath his feet. His breath came fast and quick. Each step jarred up his legs as his heart thundered in his chest. The cold wind stung his cheeks as the trees sped past in a blur.”

See the difference?

Copywriting is little different from writing that story. You still have to connect with the reader. The power is in your words and how they are placed together, creating a beautiful tapestry. Certain words bring out stronger emotions.

Like – Love

Scared – Terrified

Dislike – Hate

This list could go on and on. The stronger the words you use the faster you will connect with your reader. Stop telling your prospect how great your product is, listing all of the features one after one. People don’t buy a radio because it has so many AMPs. They buy it because they want to listen to music. The AMPs just let them know how loud they can go.

Think about what your reader wants and needs. Once you know that, craft a story. Use the magic contained within the words to reach deep inside of your reader. Bring their emotions to the fore by using strong words, words that will mean something to them.

Pay attention to how each word affects you emotionally. A single wrong word can make all the difference.

Words have the power to raise nations or toss them into dust. They have the power to uplift a person or hurtle them into the darkest pits of despair. They have the power to create success or failure. Use them wisely and your sales letter will transform into a page people will not only want to read but must read.

Learn to craft a letter from the headline to the sale that will captivate your reader.

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