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10 Ways to Screw Up Your Blog From the Start

By Lisa A Mason

I work with many clients on a regular basis helping them with their blog and website content. Over the years I have been in business, I have written for thousands of different blogs/websites both with my byline and also as a ghostwriter helping my clients.

Through all the years and all the changes in search engine algorithms, there is one thing that has not changed- content is king. And it’s true now more than ever. However, I still see smart business people making dumb decisions about their blogs day in and day out. Some come to me to get help after they messed things up and others come to me from day one in hopes that I will help them get on the right track.

Here are some mistakes I see regularly that are sure to doom your blog before you even get off the ground and running:

Use a terrible theme that makes it difficult to read or look at your page. Backgrounds with odd patterns that make the reader feel dizzy or fonts that are too difficult to see or that blend in with the background are big no-no’s.
Write it like it’s a diary. Unless your blog is, in fact, a diary, it should not be written this way. Think about what’s in it for the reader. No one cares what you had for breakfast.
Abandon it! The key to blogging is consistency. If you create it and then abandon it, then you obviously will not have the results you seek.
Babble a lot, especially about yourself. Get to the point. Your readers are busy. Get to your point or they will find someone who can.
Bore the reader to death. Some writing is just not interesting. However, a creative blogger can make any topic (regardless of how dull) sound exciting.
Talk all about your products/services and how wonderful they are. The blog should give the reader something of value- not sound like an early morning infomercial.
Format your post like one giant block of text. Readers on the Internet like to skim. Break up your text, use smaller paragraphs and shorter sentences. Use bullet and numbered lists and subheadings when needed.
Disable comments. Blogging is about getting the reader engaged. You want people to be able to comment on your posts. If not, you’re just out there talking to yourself and what’s the point of that?
Have no social media share buttons. What’s the point of a great blog if it doesn’t get noticed? Add your social share buttons and make them as user friendly as possible and in an easy to find location.
Have nothing to say. It is possible to have a bunch of words that say absolutely nothing. Readers today (and Google) are looking for something more. Your posts should have something of value for the reader.

So what do you think? Have you ever made these mistakes in blogging? What are some other mistakes you’ve seen people make with their blogs? Did this post give you any ideas on how you can improve your blog?

About the Author:

Lisa Mason is a []freelance writer with a specialty in Internet content and SEO articles and the author of How to Earn a Living Writing for the Internet. She has written thousands of articles, hundreds of ebooks and thousands of website pages and related content in more than 10 years as a professional writer.

See her website for a free article writing template guide as well as more []writing tips and info on the writing services she offers.

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