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View from a Bridge Competition Winner

1st Prize: £100.00 Jean Thompson

2nd Prize:£75.00 Richard Grant

3rd Prize: £50.00 Jenny Carter

View from a Bridge

by Jean Thompson

Time stands still, a hushed sense of age old lore with well-trodden footpaths leading out to the dense greenery around me. Trees arch up to the skylight where slivers of summer sunlight spread a golden hue through the dense vegetation. The forest floor from my tranquil viewpoint is cool and shady and borders the gentle stream that laps against boulders and houses darting minnows. All around, bird song with glimpses of wings in flight, defending territories.  A solitary swan, regal-like, glides into pockets of deeper water, preening, with haughty looks as my presence intrudes.

This glade, this pocket of enchanted wood and my view is as near to perfection as can be, my view from a bridge, unhindered by modern hand.

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