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Love Poem Competition Winner

1st Prize: £75  Sarah Hills

2nd Prize: £50 David Allen

I feel whole, bursting with love, light and intensity. Pleasure, simple yet tender,

 and the touch of his hand, electric.

Sparks flow, cascading up my skin, erupting in a crescendo of power. I cry out his name

and breathe in true happiness and raw intensity as I melt, his liquid brown eyes pulling me in deeper.

I want to drown in the love that is reflected, here there is no beginning, no ending, we just exist, entwined in silence, no words can express

 the touch of his lips, all I need to hear.  Is this pure love all mine?

Loneliness fades, days, weeks, months begin to blur and fade, sepia like, my life plan rewrites in a blaze of colour. I exist and we are one.

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