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Horror Fiction Writing Competition

1shorror writing contestt Prize: £300.00

2nd Prize: £200.00

3rd Prize: £100.00

Closing date:  1st August 2014

Entry fee: £4.00 per submission

Premier1 Write, Learn and Publish members can enter for free. Please send your submission directly to us marking the competition name and your membership details in the subject line.

Can you capture the entire atmosphere of a horror story? Can you write such compelling fiction that it makes the reader tingle with anticipation and experience genuine fear? Do you think that you can dip into the bloody thirsty mindset of a serial killer or write with conviction about unspeakable horrors and things that go bump in the night?

If the answer is yes and you would like to explore the horror writer within,  read the opening paragraphs and then your task is to complete the rest of the story.

Please email your submission to: [email protected]  and mark Horror Fiction Writing Competition in the subject line.

We typically allow up to 11 weeks to judge and award writing competitions and entry implies acceptance of our rules.

Submissions must be written in English and be previously unpublished.

Multiple submissions are welcome providing the correct fees are paid.

Our competitions are open to writers worldwide.


Here’s the start of your horror story. You have up to 1500 words in which to complete it excluding the title.

An acrid odour gripped the room, death and decay were ripe but darkness became a shroud for the unspeakable horrors within. Quelling an intense sense of rising panic, Marcus fought to keep his nerve, his hands shaking as he shone his old torch into the impending gloom. The odour was getting worse, not of damp or mould, but an odour so vile that his stomach churned. Old floorboards groaned as he moved cautiously, testing to see whether it would hold his weight. Spiders scuttled in every direction as he probed deeper into a room that repelled him on every level.

The light from the torch began to fade, the beam failing to reach deep into the corners, but enough to send the fattest of rats scurrying from the invading light. Sweat dripped a trail down his neck. He felt chilled to the core and suddenly, with the last flash of light from his torch, his vision fixed, he stumbled backwards, fear gagging his reflexes. His strangled scream,- a wimper as his weight took him off keel, falling, hands outstretched, eyes enormous, his head splitting open like a shell  on contact with the floor, blood spilling, dripping through the gaps between the floorboards to the room below….


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