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What Happens Next? Writing Competition

1st Prize: £150.00

2nd Prize: £100.00

3rd Prize: £75.00

4th Prize; 3 months Creative Competitor Premier1 membership

Entry fee: £3.00

Are you a Creative Competitor Premier1 member? Enter for free.

Closing date: 31st March 2012

Using the photo for creative inspiration, your story must be about a man in a library who chooses a book that changes his life. What the book is and why it has such an effect on him is up to you. The story must evolve and can be emotional, action-packed, mysterious or indeed take any direction that you like. Just make sure that it is powerfully written and interprets the theme creatively.

You have up to 2000 words in which to write your story including the title.

Submissions must be original and previously unpublished.

We prefer you to make your submissions by email to and ensure that you add the competition title in the subject line.

Please note that it can take some time to read and re-view all submissions and so entry into this competition implies acceptance to this condition and to the above rules.

Fancy winning up to £150.00? Pay your entry fee now and send your submission through when ready.


We publish the overall winning entry only and this means that all other submissions can be placed elsewhere or entered into other competitions. This includes the additional prize winners.



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