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Open Fiction Competition

1st Prize: £500.00
2nd Prize: £250.00
3rd Prize: £100.00
4th Prize: £75.00
5th Prize: £50.00
6th Prize: Personal e-Coaching Sesssion
7th Prize: 3 Months Premier 1 Membership

Closing Date: 5th June 2011

Entry Fee: £5.00

To be in with a chance of winning any one of our fantastic prizes, simply write the best story that you can and submit it to us by the closing date.

The theme is open so your story really can be on any subject or in any style. Be as creative and as imaginative with your entry as you like.

Word count is a maximum 2000.

Submissions must be original and previously unpublished.

Send your submission within the body of the email to and mark the subject line Open Fiction Competition

If you are a Creative Competitor Premier 1 subscriber and can enter any or all of our competitions for free, then please remember to also add your membership number to the subject line.

If you are in the UK and wish to submit your entry by post and pay by cheque, check out the details here

   As our writing competitions are for money, writers must be 18 and over to win a cash prize.

Please note that it can take some time for our writing competitions to be judged and the winners announced. The length of time is dependant on the number of submissions received. We take the judging process very seriously and ensure that the best submission wins. This means that each submission is read and re-read to build up a high quality short list and then the process begins again.

Entry to this or any of our competitions implies acceptance to our rules.

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  1. Edmund Jonah February 20, 2011

    How does one who is not in the U.K. pay? PayPal?

  2. annette young February 20, 2011

    PayPal would be our first choice of payment method.

  3. Johanna Lipford February 20, 2011

    You say we must obey the rules of the open fiction competion, but where are they written???

    Cordiali saluti,
    Johanna Lipford

  4. annette young February 20, 2011

    The rules are within the text displayed on the Open Fiction Competition page. Good luck.Annette

  5. michaela April 26, 2011

    I was wondering, its said above that you must be over 18 to win the cash prizes. Must you be over 18 to participate in the contest too? If yes, is ther an entry deadline? If yes, again, when is it?
    Thank you,

  6. annette young April 26, 2011

    You may enter the competition but we are unable to award a cash prize for those under the age of 18 however, should your submission be placed, we can allocate an alternative award for you. The closing date of the Open Fiction Competition is 5th June 2011
    Best wishes,

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