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Creative Ideas – Stop, Think and Plan

By Annette Young

If you are an ideas person, you may find yourself overwhelmed with creative ideas that bombard your conscious mind regularly.  While it’s true to say that some writers would be ultra-jealous of this, there’s no doubt that it can be difficult to pin down an idea from the masses.  But what happens when you do target just one from a long list of creative ideas? Do you just run with it?

As creative people, it’s easy to get carried away by the whole prospect of crafting a fictional world, be it a short story or a novel.  Once we start writing, the words often flow and we are so heavily caught up in the sensation of extending our ideas, crafting characters to drive the story forward and, feeling every emotional scene, but, sometimes, the initial idea will not have longevity.

This is not uncommon. The trick is to take the idea, stop, think and plan, yes, even before you really put pen to paper. Who are you writing for? Do you want to get published or, do you just want to have freedom from daily life and to escape into a wonderful work of fiction? If the latter, don’t stop or plan any further, just enjoy the freedom, and allow creativity to refresh and replenish you.  Writing should always be for pleasure even if you are planning to get your work published, however, if you are seriously writing with the intention of publishing this piece of work, there’s no escape from the planning process.

Consider the following:

What is it about this idea that appeals?

Have you chosen the right number of words to bring the story to life?

Have you considered the all-important starting point?

Do you know how your story will end?

How well do you know your characters?

Who are you writing for?

Where do you wish to have this work published?

Do you need to write in a certain style and tone?

Are you writing for the UK or US marketplace?

What makes your idea stand out?

Is it original or has the story idea been done to death? Can you put a new spin on it?

Simply by considering these questions, it will help you to write with greater conviction and achieve more creative success.  Think of your creative ideas as the core for extending, shaping and forming the concept into a tangible shape. If you can see it, feel it, and want to take it further, that’s reason enough for doing so.

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