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The Fiction Writer – Create Passion and Conflict

The Fiction Writer – Create Passion and Conflict is book number 2 in The Fiction Writer series by Creative Competitor editor and author Annette Young. It’s a concise book providing you with an unique insight into a much needed area of fiction writing.

The Fiction Writer – Create Passion and Conflict helps to bring alive these deep emotions and reveals how you the writer, can utilize these techniques to enrich your own work. There are exciting examples that clearly detail how you can easily mirror these techniques and improve your writing skills taking them to the next level. This book will help make your characters appear larger than life. When you invoke passionate or conflicting scenes, you  add dramatic and intense content that will keep your reader hanging onto every word. When you create passion – erotic, tearful or angry scenes, you bring a sense of realism to your book. Adding conflict to your story can make the whole plot come alive and the tension sizzle.

Many writers shy away from writing these scenes, finding it difficult to create situations that feel credible and yet that would ultimately evoke a reaction in the reader.

The Fiction Writer – Create Passion and Conflict will change how you write passionate or emotional scenes. 

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