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Writing Projects



Writing projects can be great fun and are perfect if your creative get up and go is on the wane. Each month we will add to this list so that you can always find a project to stimulate your creativity.

Project 1

The idea behind this project is to make use of the writing resources and stimulus  around you. If you live near other people, it will be fairly easy for you to create a detailed character profile around the first person that you see. Make it as in-depth as possible and write down a full description including how they walked i.e. striding or with hesitation and also, increase your intuitive skills by trying to fathom out what they are really like as an individual. Make up a name and age and then imagine how you could fit them into a story. Don’t settle on the first idea, always expand and let your idea grow.

Project 2

Imagine that the sun is shining as you sit on your hotel room balcony. You feel peaceful, relaxed and content. As you sit and watch other holiday makers enjoying the sunshine, laughter and the murmur of low voices rise up from beneath your balcony. You are unable to see anyone but the sense of urgency within their voices make you feel unsettled and alert…

“It will happen tonight” The voices fade but you are left wondering what is going to happen!

Use this idea as a starting point for your story and enjoy the creative process…..

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