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Where Do You Like To Write?

where do you like to write

by Annette Young

When I was searching for photos for the website, I came across this one and it immediately made me think about places where writers gain inspiration. Now, I have never gone as far as sitting in a tree to type but I do tend to have my laptop glued to me and it is literally a case of ‘have laptop, will travel’.

I love sitting in cafes and absorbing life around me. Somehow the constant noise and hustle and bustle is both soothing and inspirational. Even the clatter of spoons and the whirring sound of the coffee machines are not a distraction.

I think this is because writing is a lonely occupation. It is only when you work as a writer on a full-time level that you can see just how isolating it is. Most of your work – whether fiction or non-fiction comes from deep within and so, breaking away from the home environment is a great way to recharge those all-important creative juices and just indulge in a little slice of life.

I regularly travel so it’s not unusual to see me with my laptop out and working while on the train. I have traveled extensively through France and the UK and inevitably have my laptop  or notebook with me so I can quickly type up an article or blog post. People watching while on the train is always interesting. Everyone is lost in their own little world of captive boredom. For a writer it can be inspirational and easy to make up stories about the passengers. Who are they? Where are they going and why?

It’s also fun to make note of mannerisms, character traits and even accents and a tone of voice does not fail to come under scrutiny. Importantly, being away from the desk and in the middle of a group of people allows you to think about things that you would not normally perhaps. I have also written on buses and coaches although you really do need a small laptop and an ability to bend your body into a scrunched position to succeed.

I have even taken my small laptop with me on walks in the countryside and picnics so that I can still fit in some writing. Perhaps capture the beauty of flowers nearby, or to describe the sound of flowing water over rocks. I remember even sitting on a clifftop once, looking out over the jagged edges to the sea, where the sky and ocean met in a band of blended blue and dolphins jumped elegantly from the rising waves. What better way to capture life on paper than to view it and then relay it instinctively?

So this all made me think about where you like to go and write. Do you have a favourite spot where you can indulge your writing passion? Why not share it?

Scroll down to the comments box way down at the bottom of the page and tell us about your special spots and why. They don’t have to be weird or wacky but let’s break the isolation of writing  a little by sharing with others who are also passionate about the written word.



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