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Want to Become a Published Author?

If you want to become a published author, you need to ensure that your book project is of the highest quality before submitting to the publishers.Bear in mind that the publishing world and the proverbial slush pile is inundated daily with manuscripts from eager writers all with varying degrees of quality and your manuscript needs to shout professionalism.

The thing to remember is that if you really wish to become a published author, then your storyline has tostand out from the crowd. Whether it is topical, emotive or intense, your writing must capture the attention of the reader otherwise you have lost your opportunity.  

Part of my role within the Creative Competitor is to provide a professional manuscript critique, it’s a part of my job that I really do enjoy and I love seeing written examples of fresh new talent in the making. Whilst there are a great many manuscripts that are of a high calibre,often the manuscript is in need of a great deal of editing or re-writing.That’s not a surprise particularly, writers send their cherished novels to me because I provide an honest opinion. I keep an open mind too, I’m fully aware that the storyline may not be my personal choice but irrespective of this, I look for a quality and consistency of style and a riveting storyline that is well-paced and believable. Dialogue should flow naturally and never be stilted and of course, the characters must be larger than life.

To become a published author, you need to edit your manuscript and really live and breathe the storyline until you are totally satisfied that your novel is as good as it can possibly be. I would always recommend that you let someone else read it, preferably someone who is impartial because with the best will in the world,a close family member will  not give you the honest opinion that you need. 

Once you are satisfied that you have done everything in your power, then don’t keep the manuscript to yourself or tuck it away in a drawer(you will be amazed at the writers who do just that). Your manuscript really might be the next bestseller and you owe it to yourself to let publishers have a chance to read it.

Try to find a publisher who will be interested in your novel genre though, this makes sense because a publisher of children’s picture books is not going to be interested in your 110,000 word thriller for example, you need to give your manuscript a fighting chance of publication by doing all you can to make it ready. Dont’ give publishers an excuse to say no.

As tempting as it may be, avoid sending out multiple submissions, it may require a great deal of patience but your chosen publisher really does need to have the opportunity to review it first. Whilst your manuscript is winging its way to the publishers, it’s a good idea to start on your next project. Don’t whatever you do keep looking longingly everyday at the letterbox in the hopes of hearing good news.   

Writing a novel is a huge commitment in terms of time and dedication and if you really want to become a published author, one ofthe most important things you should remember is to never give up on your dream.

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