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First Chapter Manuscript Evaluation Special Offer -Closed

First Chapter Evaluation Offer

Offer valid until 25th October 2014

Having a professional manuscript evaluation is vitally important if you are serious about getting your book published.  It should be your first port of call during the writing process to ensure you are on track or, after writing your book even before the serious editing process begins.

Why? Essentially, a manuscript evaluation gives you some evidence of the strength of your writing,  of your opening chapters, assessing strengths and weaknesses, setting, style and viewpoint.  A manuscript evaluation gives you peace of mind with your book. You know the areas that need additional work, you are aware of the positive aspects too.

Ordering a professional manuscript evaluation increases your chances of becoming a SUCCESSFUL published author. Anyone can self-publish these days but critical reader feedback can limit or reduce sales to a trickle. Going the traditional publishing route? Agents and publishers these days are even more fastidious in their search for new talent. This means that to avoid rejections, your manuscript has to be beyond reproach. It has to be written to a high standards, be captivating and compelling and it needs to hook that reader, gripping them from the very first word.

Even professional published authors choose to have an evaluation, followed by professional editing. It’s hard to take a professional look at your own writing when you are so heavily immersed in the content.

If you would like a true manuscript evaluation providing you with an accurate analysis of your work to date, then this special offer may be perfect for you.

We are experienced in evaluating fiction of all genres and non-fiction too. Each manuscript evaluation is written with the relevant genre and readership in mind.

Have your first chapter professionally evaluated with full in-depth feedback for only £13.95


Please allow 7-10 working days for completion.

Don’t forget that the offer closes on October 25th. Book your manuscript chapter in today.
















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