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Offer for Premier1 Membership

Writing contestsWe Want You Back!

As a former member of the Creative Competitor Write, Learn and Publish membership service, we would love to welcome you back to our all-new improved membership. We’ve given a lot of thought as to how to improve our service and now, we’ve recreated a program which provides detailed tuition, training programs, and advice – a one-stop shop covering all areas of writing. You do however still have all of the old favourites such as:

Free entry into writing competitions

Massive discounts on writing and author services


Presentations and training material

The Fiction Writer – Keep your reader hanging

Embrace your freelance writing career


The Fiction Masterclass 10 day training program

If you still love the written word and want to accelerate the learning curve, you can start today and have fun with our new improved writing community. Even better, tell us what topics of writing you would like and we’ll do our best to oblige. Sign up now at this fabulous offer price designed only for former members and if you decide not to rejoin thereafter, simply cancel your subscription.  If you stay, we will ensure that your membership fees never go beyond the agreed price even when a price increase is imminent.What have you got to lose?

Rejoin us for just £1.50 for a full 30 days membership which gives you access to all of the benefits and discounts and then pay only £3.50 the following month instead of £5.95. If you decide to stay thereafter, the full £5.95 monthly charge will be taken.



If you are still undecided, take a look at all the details HERE  

Questions? Please email: and add ‘Offer for Premier1 Membership’ in the subject line.


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