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Game, Set and Publication

 By Annette Young

I’m a huge tennis fan and even though I couldn’t get to Wimbledon this year, I have managed to take a little bit of time off to watch some of my favourite tennis players. Throughout this first week, watching the players embrace what must be a nerve-wracking experience – they reveal their skills, expertise and mistakes all on a public stage.

I found myself thinking that as writers, we are far luckier as we learn our craft, we can make our mistakes in private and the only witness is the sometimes overflowing waste-paper bin that holds captive our written mistakes. But, there is one thing that tennis players at this level of the game do so well, they don’t give in and they always believe that they can win. Nothing is more true than the tennis match of Serena Williams vs. Heather Watson. Steely determination gave Watson a fantastic chance to topple the women’s number one player from her lofty perch.

All credit to Williams for not giving up and for having great belief in her abilities. There’s no doubt they are plagued by doubts, William’s almost looked defeated at one point, but deep inside, these are professionals, they live and breathe tennis, they enhance their shot range, upgrade their skills, but they work on their mental focus too. They believe that they can do it. They visualise that coveted trophy in their hands and even when tested, they give their all.

So this led me to thinking about how much effort we put into achieving our publishing goals. Conviction is all-important and you have to consider whether you truly believe in your writing abilities. Are you determined to see your name on the front cover of a book or to earn your living from the written word? If you don’t believe, then you won’t achieve your true potential. It really is that simple. You have to study the work of great writers, analyse what works and what doesn’t. Sometimes, all it takes is strength of mind to take you beyond being a good writer. You might not be in the public domain as you carve out your career, but your intent should be no less than that of these tennis players.

Every word must count and every written project polished to its maximum potential.

Take a tip from the great achievers of the world – believe in yourself. This can escalate your potential to dizzy new heights. You’ll never win that coveted prize of publication if you don’t do something about it.

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