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Free to Enter Book Competition February 2015


The Fiction WriterWant to win a copy of Annette Young’s The Fiction Writer – Create the Perfect Villain?

All you need to do is to send us an email and we will add you into the prize draw. Simple. Make sure you put Free to Enter Book Competition February in the subject line. Send to:

Closes: February 29th 2015

Here’ a reminder as to the content of this short but targeted book.

The Fiction Writer РCreate the Perfect Villain is a powerful book that handles the difficult task of how you can create dastardly characters and bring them to life.  The perfect villain should make the reader love to hate them Рand to keep them turning the pages desperate to know just what your evil villain will do next. Analyze your own writing and think what would your readers say about your own evil creation?

Grip the reader from the opening page by creating a villainous character that oozes dastardly actions, inspires hatred and fear and has the reader on the edges of their seat. Author Annette Young shows you the relevant techniques required to help you to bring the perfect villain to life through the pages of your book.

Please note that this will be sent in PDF.

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