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7 Day Creative Writing Challenge July

creative writing challenge







1st Prize:£250

2nd Prize: £200

3rd Prize: £100

4th Prize: £75

5th Prize: £50

Closing date: 5th July

£5 for one entry. Or £7.50 including feedback. 

Premier1 Write, Learn and Publish members can enter for free by emailing their submission directly to us. If feedback is required, please pay £2.50 by clicking on the relevant PayPal button below.

If you would like a chance of winning £250, all you have to do is to sign up for our 7 Day Creative Writing Challenge which goes live on the 5th July. We will email you your writing challenge which will focus on the quality of writing, imagination and skill set rather than a lengthy word count. You have up to 7 days in which to return your completed challenge. You can interpret the theme provided in any way that you like; but remember to read and adhere to the rules in full when they arrive.

Please note that we provide individual feedback once judging has been completed.

To enter, pay £5.00 by clicking on the button below.


To sign-up and have feedback,  click on the button below.

Premier1 Write, Learn and Publish Members sign up and have feedback here for just £2.50. Click on the button below.

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