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Winter Scene Poetry Competition

Competition overview – we asked competitors to submit a poem based around the theme ‘winter scene’.  Here is the overall winning submission and big congratulations to all of our winners but especially Jody Wyatt with her Silent Sentry poem.

1st Prize: £100.00 – Jody Wyatt

2nd Prize: £75.00 – Phillip Martin

3rd Prize: £50.00 – Ashley Bennett

The Silent Sentry

by Jody Wyatt

Icy tendrils weave their way around my heart. Frozen to the core, I watch, sad and alone. Children play, imaginative squeals that lift my sadden state.  I’m an outside, an onlooker, a ghost of winter, welcomed by some, reviled by many.
Happiness and misery rolled into one. How I long to be a part of this winter scene warmed only by love and kindness. How long must I stand and stare? Trapped in a body that no-one can comprehend.

The sun, weak – rises and falls and the cold glare of the moon watches over me.
Adorned now with garments and adulation, my happiness knows no bounds, not the cold shimmering breath of frosted snow or the forlorn sparkle of a dead star twinkling overhead can stay this feeling.

I watch with awe at the furtive movements of urban fox and hear the joyous melody of nightingales, interrupted only by the haunting presence of owls, wide eyes, staring. I cannot turn, but I feel their presence.
Wings that glides, soundlessly, dipping under and over naked trees that shake loose their winter dressing. I revel in nature, feeling a part of this temporary scene.

Sentry-like I stand. Life abounds in this midnight hour, the inky blackness perforated by the sharp contrast of snow. As dawn beckons, I feel the skies warm above and I tremble, frightened, alone. My life ebbs away one drop at a time and in the morning hours, my scarf and hat lie discarded on the damp ground.

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