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Micro Fiction Competition Winner








The mission was to write a micro story using the photo for inspiration in just 200 words.

Congratulations to:

1st Prize: £100.00 Ruth Taylor

2nd Prize: £75.00 Alex Porter

Email Assassination

by Ruth Taylor

My boss is a scheming low-life! There, I’ve said it! I type the words efficiently to my friend Joanie feeling the tension start to dissipate from my shoulders. I couldn’t believe that he had just trashed my 3D marketing project without even looking. I am sitting in the staff garden glaring into his office. I always come out here after a meeting with him to allow my blood pressure to ease.

I look at my friend Joanie who is sitting inside by the window. She rolls her eyes in sympathy. With fingers poised, I tap, tap away. He’s a pig! The boss from hell! I have a good mind to tell him to shove his job where the sun doesn’t shine! I click send. The email pinged from my laptop and I wait for Joanie to receive it and to write back. She’s always so sympathetic. She looks over at me and shrugs, shaking her head. The email has not arrived. I look at her puzzled and then I hear the ominous sound of an email arriving in his office, the sound wafting through the open window. I look up in dismay as my boss roars. “Miss Watson! Come here!”



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