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Open Poetry Competition

We asked you for a creative entry to this open poetry competition and we received a great many beautifully crafted submissions but the winning entry, unique in its theme, took our breath away. Congratulations to

1st Prize: £100.00 Lynne Penny

2nd Prize: £75.00 B. Walton

3rd Prize: £50.00 Tina Myers

Open Poetry Competition Winner

All Paid Up

by Lynne Penny

I am a tease. A woman of the night. My scarlet robe clings to the sinews of my body, lean and lithe; I suggest naughty whispers in his ear, leaning into him, I inhale his musky scent, my breasts against his chest, exciting, tempting, the fragment of silk all that lies between our arching bodies.

I want complete surrender; I need abandonment, to know, to revel in the power of my body. The moment soon to come, a wave, a crescendo of pleasure and a point almost of no return. I tease him more, soft kisses upon lips that tell of my attraction and as I feel him pliant beneath, I arch away, his eyes, wide, questions, confusion fills the air. I will not answer. I am silent as I dress, tousled hair, swollen lips; I ache inside for his touch, but will take no more, I have played my part. Restrained, lust turns to fear as I walk away, a stolen glance from the door, naked and pleading, payment in full, I take a photo, evidence of his desire to play away, a gift to the doting wife who pays.  Satisfied at last, I close the door.

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