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Manuscript Critique Special

Manuscript Evaluation Offer

How well-written is your manuscript?

Back by popular demand, our special critique offer. Book now and valid until October 31st 2017

£75 instead of £125

Offer closes April 30th 2017

When you work for months or even years on your manuscript breathing life into your story-line, it’s easy to miss vital aspects of the story or any inconsistencies which can cause negative reviews if you self-publish or stop your potential for gaining a traditional publishing contract. When you have worked so hard on your manuscript, don’t you owe it to yourself to ensure it is as powerful and beautifully written as it can be? 

We have years of experience critiquing manuscripts and providing detailed feedback for authors

A professional manuscript evaluation can quite simply make the difference between publication and rejection and it makes sense to invest in a professional service and we provide an impartial eye ascertaining every aspect of your fictional work prior to it being published. 

Here at the Creative Competitor, we are aware that in order to produce work to the desired professional standard, it can be greatly beneficial to have a qualified third party read and critique your manuscript and as such, we are able to offer constructive and honest feedback which will enable you to strengthen and improve your project so that you can publish and sell it with confidence. 

As much as friends and family will always be supportive when providing feedback, this in itself is likely to be insufficient as it’s vital to have an accurate and realistic evaluation which is vital for progression. We provide a professional, high-quality evaluation service for novels of all lengths and reassuring guidance helping you amend any areas of development so that your manuscript is fully polished and written to a professional level. Our service is thorough and in-depth and we provide quality advice ensuring peace of mind when publishing.

Don’t take risks with your novel.

What does a professional critique include?

Was it a strong and compelling title? Was the opening captivating and did it draw the reader into the story? Was it inventive and imaginative? Did the story end satisfactorily? Was the ending dissatisfying? Can the ending be improved? Plot – Was the story well-thought out and written in a convincing way? Was it a common or well-worn story? Was it written confidently or with integrity? Was the plot memorable? Was the story-line easily forgettable? Was the story paced well? Did it lack consistency and pace? Did it flow well?

Action scenes – did the action seem realistic or contrived? Were the dramatic scenes interesting? Characters – were the characters strong, powerful and believable? Were they identifiable, three-dimensional and convincing? Did the author provide strong interaction? Does the author need to work on characterisation? How descriptive was the story? Too much or insufficient use of description? Irregular descriptive passages and out of context? How well written was the dialogue? Did it flow well and reveal key aspects of the story? Was it overpowering or contrived? Was it good but needs more work?

Novel Critique

Please contact us if you wish to have a critique on your novel:

Please add ‘novel critique’ to the subject line of your email.

Usual Price £125 – Special Offer – £75.00 or two novel critiques for £100

Book now and submit by October 31st 2017 

  Pay £75 now:


Pay £100 now and submit two manuscripts:




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