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Flash Fiction Writing Competition Winner

flash fiction competition

We asked you to create a story around this photo in a maximum of 300 words. As usual, we had some wonderful submissions. Congratulations to the winners. 

1st Prize: £200 S. Marshall

2nd Prize: £100 L. Peterson

3rd Prize: £75 Diane Smith

No Time Like the Present

by S. Marshall

Time, it was never truly on your side, Eleanor reflected. She viewed her collection of photos with a tinge of sadness. Her research into her family tree had been something of an obsession. She’d made it all the way back to the 1700’s, no mean feat but it had taken her months to do. She’d fitted in trips to the local cemeteries and had stood by the side of graves where former family members were buried. She’d gazed with a sense of kinship at those who had died. They were connected not just by time but through blood.

When her mother had died, she’d found many more photos to aid her search. It had helped her overcome her grief, she was doing something positive. One photo depicted a lady in a long-flowing gown, she had at least now been identified. There was a look about her that reminded Eleanor of her mother. That was a bitter sweet thought. Little was known about her but Eleanor realised that didn’t matter. She knew her name and therefore, a part of this lady would live on.

She closed her book of notes firmly shut. Her research a surprise for her daughter, giving her a stronger sense of identity and a glimpse into a somewhat chequered family history. The past was important but, life continued all the same. All her relatives had given something important to the timeline affecting even those yet to be born. But today, life was for living. She’d had a lucky escape herself, having just been given the all-clear and so, she wanted to spend every single second with her daughter. To enrich the connection with her and to build wondrous shared memories. There really was no time like the present.

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