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60 Minute Creative Writing Challenge – Closed

60 Minute Creative Writing Challenge


Are you ready for a truly creative writing challenge? 

1st Prize: £200.00

2nd Prize:150.00

3rd Prize: £125.00

Entry fees: £5.00 (includes personalised feedback) Write, Learn and Publish members have free entry but must pay £2.50 for feedback.

Commences at: 1800 hours (Madrid time) on Saturday August 20th. Check out the World Clock here and check your time comparisons. You just need to be available for one hour. We have tried to pick the best time considering our worldwide subscribers however we apologise if the time is unsuitable for individuals to enter.

Before you sign up, check your calendar and check your local area time in comparison to ours and this way you can be sure that the starting time works for you.

All you need to do is sign up and on the 20th August at the specified time, we will send out a short writing project. You will have just 60 minutes to complete it and return it to us and every second counts. This is a fantastic way to boost your creative writing abilities and to fire up your imagination in an instant. 

Don’t worry, you don’t need super power typing skills. This challenge has a short word count but we will be judging the following:




This writing challenge comes as part of a package as every single completed submission receives personalised feedback. 

Ready to sign up? Click on the appropriate PayPal button below:


Pay £5.00 here (includes written feedback)

Write, Learn and Publish members: Pay £2.50 for feedback by clicking on the PayPal button below: 





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