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300 Word Flash Fiction Competition Winner

For this flash fiction writing competition,  you had up to 300 words to draw us into your story. We had some wonderfully creative submissions but, after some delay, and great anticipation, here’s the winners.

As always, we only publish the overall winning submission because this gives the other prize winners a chance to place their submission elsewhere.  Congratulations to V. Summers.

1st Prize: £400 V. Summers

2nd Prize: £300 J. Tanner

3rd Prize: £200 Paula Brown


by V. Summers

He didn’t know. He couldn’t know. But then, why did he keep looking at her with what seemed like menace in his eyes? Or, was she so tired, so anxious and overwhelmed by everything that it just seemed that way. He was lost in his own thoughts and whatever they were, they held him captive, he barely blinked. She turned away. Tears pricked at her eyes. Don’t cry, don’t cry, she silently willed because then she would have to tell him. Her inner-most thoughts would tumble out in a flurry of emotion and then, he’d know for sure and it would rip him apart. He’d been so clear right from the start. The foundation of their relationship would crack.

She’d never seen this insular side to him. He’d withdrawn from her emotionally and physically. Should she tell him? Could she bear to let him know her guilty secret? Not some accident. Her deliberate actions fuelled by her own needs had driven her to do it. Everything she had done had led to this point. She swallowed hard.

“I have to tell you something.”

“No, me first, please.” He turned, his eyes filled with sadness. “I know we said no children…….”

Her heart leapt.

“But, I met someone, at work, a stupid fling, but, she’s pregnant. I’m having a child with her and I…I can’t walk away. I’m sorry.”

His phone rang, and she saw by his expression that it was the other woman. She left the room, angry, sad, confused, every single emotion threatening to engulf her. She placed her hand over her slightly swelling stomach. She had a decision to make. To go it alone or, to terminate. The decision was heart-breaking and finally, alone, she gave into the tears.

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