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Open Poetry Competition Winner

Congratulations to all our winners. We had some amazing submissions and it was such a difficult job to choose our three winners but, eventually, we did. We hope you like the overall winning submission by Hannah Jones.

1st Prize: £500.00  Hannah Jones

2nd Prize: £300.00 Phil Richards

3rd Prize: £200.00 Tom Banks


I See Her

by Hannah Jones

I see her, the girl I used to be

Displayed on photographs, sepia stained,  her smile ignites a bitter sweetness that floods through me in waves.

She danced under the stars, her frame,  sylph-like, as the crescent glow above cast its silver shadow but now…

She lives in memories,  darkened by time, where even those precious moments, slip away, like tidal water….under the forces of the moon

Death clutches with icy fingers, my friends,  the remaining few, loosen their grip on life and yet, here, I still cling to hope.

The shadows of the day grow ever long, time steals away my essence

What happened to that girl I used to be?

Could she remain here…trapped in a body, defying time, withering away?

Gnarled fingers, shake, i brush a wisp of hair away, graying locks that curl, their bounce denying gravity.

Then I see her, for a second, she stares at me through dulling eyes, my reflection doesn’t lie. That girl I used to be.

Still there, still twinkling, finding her way back to me.

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