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Message in a Bottle Competition Winner

We asked you to write a short story around a message in a bottle. You only had 65 words excluding the title. We had some excellent submissions, but we finally came to a decision. Congratulations to our winners. As usual, we only publish the overall winning submission.

1st Prize: £200.00 Michelle Parks

2nd Prize: £150.00 Gordon Waters

3rd Prize: £100.00 H. Croft

Message in a Bottle

by Michelle Parks

I could see its dark green form riding the waves before being pulled below, dangerously near the rocks. I watched with bated breath, finally, it re-appeared, the water shallow. I ran, splashing, eager and desperate. But then, the message – simple and to the point. Help me. The message that I had written 3 years before had come back to me. No-one was coming.

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