Freelance Writing – From Low Budget to Healthy Budget

Editor, Author Annette YoungFreelance writing is difficult. It’s hard in the current climes. There are several reasons for this. Clients have less money in their budgets to pay and even if they don’t, they see that writers are prepared to work for next to nothing. There is another reason too. There are more writers out there. Writers at varying levels of experience, and some who may be forced into the industry to look for paid work. I know many people who have dusted off their laptops and started writing to help supplement their own waning income.

These writers will understandably charge less and their need to do so is because they desperately need to boost their income. Fair point. For many, life sucks in terms of business, bills and the constant drain on their money. So, assuming that these writers can hold their own in a competitive marketplace – welcome, dip your toes in at your ‘slightly’ reduced rate, have a paddle, gain some great writing credits and then join the ranks of those who charge a fair price for their work. After all, you will have earned it.

But cutting your teeth in freelancing terms is not always easy. When I started, I didn’t know anything about pricing my work and probably got ripped off, spending hours slaving away when I didn’t need to, but of course, you soon learn. What I did find though that sometimes charging a little less when actively seeking out a new area in which to write, worked well. I will give you an example. Many years ago, I was working as a writer/trainer and had been quietly chalking up published writing credits in my free time. In the health arena, I could command a decent rate and I had credits to prove it. Then one day I spotted an ad for someone wanting martial arts articles and the price per article was lower than my usual rate but, I really wanted to get the job. I love martial arts and in my youth, yes, many, many, many years ago, I used to belong to a martial arts club and seriously lived and breathed it. So, writing about it was for me an enjoyable venture.

Writing was not my main income but it enabled me to have a good quality of life and I got to cherry-pick the work I did. It was great. I got the job writing 10 articles and even though, I charged a bit less than for my health articles, it was worth it for me. I hasten to add it was not the 1 USD per article rate that I rant about.  Dropping my rates worked at that point because the client loved my enthusiasm and the quality of work and I received a great deal of work from him for over a year. That one little job really boost my income in the coming months and I went on to write about topics that I didn’t even know anything about. It was great for me as I built credits up in a lot of new areas and, I got good pay as the time went on and great feedback.

Sometimes, I can see how writing for a little less can be  a good thing. But it is important that you always aim for a healthy budget if you are freelancing. Do what feels right for you, unless it is working for next to nothing. Stop it. Think about your end goal and the time it takes you to do a job. Even now, I miscalculate the length of time for a particular job. So learn from  your mistakes but always tell yourself what your financial writing goals are and work steadily towards them.

If you are a low budget freelance writer, re-evaluate today. You don’t need to be. I know that writing is a competitive world at the moment but there is good paid work out there. Sometimes you need to consider your options. What are your areas of expertise? Write about those and carve out a nice little niche for yourself. Have several areas of expertise? Great. Two areas where you can earn extra money.

No-one should have to have a low wage and just scrape through but I am a firm believer that you create your own opportunities. Don’t just rely on job sites, get the word out there about your skills and back it up with quality writing. If you can’t write well, then get out of the freelance writing game. Don’t muddy the water for those who need to earn a living from the written word. Instead, learn the craft, take a writing course, study, write, study until you are proficient. Then come back and test the waters.

This way, you can command a healthy wage and actually enjoy the whole writing experience.

Writing Professionally – Have Some Self-Respect

Editor, Author Annette YoungI have been writing professionally for many years. My first tentative steps into the creative writing and freelance writing arena taught me a lot. It taught me that this is a tough profession with ever-increasing demands but as such, you have to treat it like any other work stream and you have a pride in your work. Work hard, work smart and be professional.

Over the years I have noticed a decline in the respect that writers give their work, and worse, a decline in the respect given to professional writers by clients. Quite simply, it makes my blood boil because we, (professional writers everywhere) have collectively allowed it to happen. If you have some skills as a writer, you should get paid for your work. It’s that simple.

I am not talking about people who write creatively because they just love the written word. I am not talking about those who are trying to build up their brand as a writer and dipping a toe in the professional writing arena, and I am not talking about those who are creating their own websites and producing content for it. I worked hard and without pay on my creative competitor site in the early days, but that was for my own purpose. I am talking about those who provide a professional service for clients, writing articles, web content, eBooks or even creative writing.

I am seriously sickened by the fact that writers work for peanuts or less.

If it’s their choice because they wish to target a new niche to add to their writing portfolio, well, ok, sometimes it is a stepping stone. But I am seeing writers accepting 1 USD for a 500 word article.

1 USD for a professional article?

Now, granted, many of these writers are living in countries where the conversion rate is so much better, and for any writer living in an Eastern country, 1 USD is worth vastly more than 1 USD for American, Canadian and British writers or in fact, anywhere where the conversion rate is small. But even so, it belittles the job. I know that financially times are tough, but we have to turn this tide around. Don’t betray your professionalism just for the sake of picking up a job where the client does not appreciate or value your worth. It’s the principle that I am getting at.

I’m a professional writer but I also have a long list of academic qualifications in addiction and stress management and even as a professional, I was offered 3 USD an hour to write a book on stress management. Needless to say, I turned it down rapidly. I am sure the client found someone willing to do it for peanuts but for that amount of money, I really hope he didn’t get a professional writer. I just want ALL writers to get paid for a decent job.

I may be using this as a platform to rant but come on, writers worldwide, let’s unite. We all have to take work that is paid less than what we think it is worth sometimes. Hell, I’d happily double my rates, but as long as I have a fair price for my work, that’s fine. But, unless as writers collectively, we say no to low paid jobs, this industry is going to truly crumble. We all have to live and we should aim for quality of life, not merely scraping by on the basics that clients are prepared to give us.

There is a minimum hourly wage for workers in Britain and yet I know some professional writers who don’t even get that. Writers – I don’t care where you come from, or what your circumstances are, if you can write and with quality, get paid properly. Why work like a slave to achieve a basic wage? Ask for $10 or $15 for a short article at least and get 15 x the money for the same job. Take some time out then with your family, have a quality of life,  but above all, get some self-respect. Show that you care about your writing and you have faith in yourself. Up your rates and sell yourself through your words, not through a pitiful proposal. Get repeat custom by doing a good job, show that you are worthy of a decent paycheck.

Once upon a time, writing was a revered industry, now those days are gone, and sadly, we are letting it.

Young Adult Fiction Contest

1st Prize:£200.00

2nd Prize:£150.00

3rd Prize: £100.00

Closing date: June 12th 2012

Entry Fee: £3.50 Free to Creative Competitor Premier1 Members

To win any one of our three fantastic prizes, simply create the opening page to  a young adult fiction story and send to us. There is no set word count but please note that your entry must fit onto one A4 page including the title.

Now remember that this story is aimed at the young adult market, so consider your terminology and style.

Your entry must be unique and previously unpublished. All submissions must be written in English.

We prefer entries to be made by email to Please paste within the body of the email and ensure that you put the competition title in the subject line.

All submissions must be supported by the correct entry fee, Premier1 members can enter any or all of our writing competitions for free.

Please note: It can take some time for us to complete the judging process so entry implies acceptance to this rule.

Must be 18+ to enter this competition.

Cheque payments can be made in euros to Annette Young but we prefer payment via PayPal where possible by using the PAYPAL buttons or by sending the correct fee via PayPal to the email address:

Writing Jobs 17/02/2012

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Exceptional Story Writer

Reality Show Drama
Exceptional story writer/copy editor wanted

(St. Charles and Chicago)
Date: 2012-02-15, 10:31PM CST

Exceptional Story Writer

I’m looking for a special person (writer) who can create exciting stories, similar to those on reality TV, that demonstrates the struggles of families, couples, individuals, leaders, and teams. I want an imaginative person with the ability to bring characters to life who are struggling with the issues that are part of the human condition. Then I want the writer to show how anyone can, using my model, overcome their problems. The stories must illustrate how my model can produce transformational change. Understanding of the personal and business milieu must be acquired to apply my model.

Compensation:$15-20 per page

Find out more:


Looking for a Few Good Bloggers

You love the movies of David Lynch and Werner Herzog. You love the books of Jorge Luis Borges and Donald Barthelme. You love the music of SWANS and Earth. You have a parallax view of the world and use words like ‘parallax.’

That’s Anobium Books in a nutshell.

Anobium is a small, independent publisher of strange, surreal and insectile literature. We are based in Chicago, and we are slowly expanding our coverage beyond books, because we believe literature means more than words on a page.


Find out more here:

Freelance Copywriter

Our client is in search of a part-time freelance copywriter to work on a large fashion brand. This position is on-site in the Northwestern suburbs. We’re looking for a creative, fresh, and upbeat style, along with the experience of writing retail, e-commerce and catalog copy.

The right candidate will be a freelancer who can accommodate a fluctuating workload from our client each week (ranging from 5-30 hours per week) depending on project demands.

Location: On-site in the Northwest Chicago suburbs
Start Date: ASAP

Compensation: Up to $19 per hour

Find out more here:


New Brooklyn Online/Print Publication Seeks Writers

Online and print publication covering Brooklyn’s culinary, artistic, club, music, and real estate beats and scheduled for launch in late spring /early summer is seeking local writers versed in any or all of those subject areas for regular stories between 500 and 1,500 words. Print publication will be a bimonthly with a wide readership demographic (25-45), though more regular online updates will be a component of the rollout process. There’s no shortage of media competition in these subject areas as you are only too aware, so emphasis is going to be placed upon writers with an appetite for the novel; stories in the culinary sphere, for example, will often need to venture both into and beyond simple chef profiles or paeans to ingredients (localvore or no) in search of a deeper context, most essentially a neighborhood context (why something new opened where it did, etc., and in what specific ways it serves a need. . .or not).

Compensation: $50-$125 per piece

Find out more:

Writer/ Editor Wanted for Italian Play

Theatrical Producer is looking for a freelance Writer/Editor to help improve the content of a plot summary for an Italian play. Ideal candidate would be a student with writing experience, such as an English major with an interest in theater, or an emerging Playwright.

Compensation; $20 per hour

Find out more:


Online Magazine and Art Gallery Collective Needs a Writer

Frontrunner Gallery, a new addition to New York’s downtown art scene includes an online magazine

Seeking creative writers, non-fiction, interview, and column editorial writing only. No other material will be reviewed.

Please include a writing sample, CV, and cover letter describing your skills and work experience.

Compensation: Per article

Find out more:


Healthcare Proposal Writer

American Health is an international healthcare agency that provides services to hospitals and individual professionals. Our services include educational programs for nurses and physicians as well as recruitment services and hospitals assessment programs.

Compensation: TBD

Find out more:


Blogging Interns

Seeking creative, sharp and enthusiastic writers for our hugely popular site – WIDK.COM
If you are interested in gaining experience, having a chance to get your name out in public – for a large and growing audience – and enjoy
posting unusual and fun articles, this might be a great opportunity for you.
The creators of this blog are entertainment industry legends that you will learn a great deal from.
The position is flexible in terms of hours and post/ write either from your home or our office.

Compensation: Non Paid

Find out more:


Writing Jobs 10/02/2012

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Write 3000 Word Articles

Hyperink publishes high-quality non-fiction articles and books. We’re backed by top venture capitalists and our launch was featured in Forbes, BusinessWeek, and Publishers Weekly.

We’re looking for amazing freelance writers to join our writing team.

We’re selective, but if you’re good, you’ll have as much work as you can handle in writing short, non-fiction articles and ebooks in return for cash advances+royalties.

You’ll also work closely with professional editors who will provide guidance, feedback, and support.

You can work from home or anywhere in the world!

Experience doesn’t matter – but reliability, speed (we have very fast turnarounds!), comfort with digital tools like Google Docs, and attention to detail do!

The main type of project we’re offering right now is writing long articles on all sorts of topics ranging from healthcare to dating to foreign languages to current events.

We offer payments of up to $80 for 3000 words (and longer projects based on experience and length of working relationship), and lifetime royalties plus incentive bonuses when our ebooks perform well.

Compensation: Pay Varies

Find out more here:


Grant/Proposal Writer Wanted

Small Not for Profit agency located in downtown Brooklyn seeks an experienced grant/proposal writer to complete RFPs for it’s programs.

Compensation: Negotiable

Find out more:


Writer/Blogger NYC

Looking for an amazing freelance writer to join the team for an upcoming clothing line.
Responsibilities will be to write the story behind the start up of the brand along with upkeep of the blog site.
Qualified candidates must be well organized, have excellent research and writing skills and possess good time management skills.
Fashion Trend Knowledge is key.
Please send a cover letter, résumé, and links to several writing samples.

Compensation: $100 for 4-5 hours a week

Find out more here:



An opportunity has arisen for writers in Fashion, Journalism, Art, Media and Marketing. Ronnie is a lingerie brand, which has launched a blog with a fresh take on the independent aspirational woman’s life style and our upcoming lingerie collection. Ronnie is looking for writers/bloggers who can contribute to the growth of the blog, which aims to cover a range of contemporary themes that reflect Ronnie’s world. Please check out our site for a better understanding of what we are looking for:
This is a great opportunity to get first hand experience working for a fast-paced start up business.
The ideal candidate will be enthusiastic, creative, deadline oriented, well organised, with a proactive attitude and an eye for detail. The candidate will grow with the site spreading the Ronnie brand to a global, predominantly female audience.
Key skills:
– Strong writing/editorial skills.
– Love of fashion, trends and women specific themes.
– Social media savvy using twitter, FB, Youtube, etc.
– Good understanding of the industry, its key-players and its audience.

Compensation: Unpaid

Find out more here:


Online Publication Seeking Contributors

We grew up shielded from reality by the American dream of possibility. If we showed up on time, it would always work out. Yet in recent years, the world has proven it doesn’t care how educated or entitled we may be. Many of us have flocked to cities looking for a break, but lost track of our priorities along the way. Rather than focusing on opportunities we’ve become distracted by fantasies. Now that Realcity is here we can get back on track. Together, we can find better ways to handle city life by breaking our shared experiences down to the most essential factors. By learning from contributors all over the country, we can make our futures truly fulfilling. All we have to do is be more realistic about what it’ll take to get there.

Realcity is an online publication that will be operating with this mission. We’re looking for young writers, editors, photographers, artists, graphic designers, web designers, app designers, marketers, business people and more to help this idea reach its full potential. The goal is to get contributors, and in turn readers, from as many cities as possible. We’ll be re-launching with the first of four seasonal issues, The Survival Issue. This term can mean whatever you want it to, from the hazards of urban winters to the struggles of an unemployment search. We’re currently seeking ideas for small service pieces, mid-sized personal essays, feature-length narratives and videos in the following sections:

Escape (Enjoyments and Indulgences) – TV/Film/Book analysis, dining experiences, nightlife, vacations
Coexist (Human Interactions) – Societal studies, human interest stories, dating
Maintain (Personal Upkeep) – Fitness, diet, budget, life stability
Climb (Possibilities and Passions) – Career thoughts, life-changing events, future predictions

Compensation: No Pay Currently

Find out more:


Technical Writer

ADL Data Systems, Inc., a leading software developer of Accounting and Electronic Medical Records software for nursing homes, is searching for an experienced technical writer to produce documentation, training materials and specification sheets.

You must be articulate, detail-oriented, flexible, and able to handle multiple tasks in a fast-paced environment. You should be energetic, enthusiastic, and self-directed, with a mature, professional attitude, and able to quickly learn and document software applications.

Qualifications needed:

• Minimum of 2 yrs experience in developing end user guides and documentation; be prepared to submit samples of your work.
• Top-notch writing and communication skills are a must.
• Ability to grasp computing and workflow concepts quickly

Compensation: Attractive Salary

Find out more:


News Reporter/ Blogger

Are you a talented, news-obsessed writer looking for an opportunity to show off your chops, sharpen your voice, and work at a news shop that’s making a difference? If so, then we have the job for you.

Grist, the acclaimed green site, is looking for one or more news reporter-bloggers.

• You have an irrepressible interest in news in general as well as in the topics we cover (climate and energy, sustainability, cities, food)
• You’re excited about exploring innovative ways to use new media to tell stories in a fast-moving environment
• You possess a strong voice and have no qualms about using it
• Irreverent humor comes easily to you
• You know how to pursue a story online and offline, in social and traditional media
• Breaking news thrills you, but you don’t think aggregation is a dirty word
• You understand the way blogs work and how one story can unfold across multiple posts
• You’re happy working independently, also as part of a team

Compensation: Not Stated

Find out more:

Writing Jobs 06/01/2012

Check out the latest writing jobs that are published today. Don’t forget though that writing jobs get snapped up quickly so check out the details and apply to any that grab your attention.

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Good luck.


A new news site is looking for content writers in the various fields: business,finance, politics, sport and technology.

-write 300+ original content

Compensation: $10 per post

Find out more:


Entertainment Blogger

A new entertainment blog is looking for contributing writers in the British region particularly UK . We are looking for someone who knows his whereabouts in the celebrity and entertainment world.

Compensation; $6 per post

Find out more here:


Writing Coach

Writing coach needed to help self publishing author with her next fiction novel. Must urban fiction and literature.

Compensation: To be discussed

Find out more:


Managing Editor and Writer

We are seeking a full-time senior writer and managing editor for Social Intelligence, a proprietary newsletter on social, generational, and demographic trends. This is a chance to be part of a small, dynamic, idea-oriented research and consulting firm that produces high-level conceptual tools on generational change for decision makers in business, entertainment, government, and education. Because we are a small and growing firm, the managing editor may also have the opportunity to help create and oversee new research and publication offerings. We are looking for someone with a passion both for thinking, writing, and journalism–and for developing and managing a smart team.

Compensation: Commensurate

Find out more:


Social Media Writer

Marketing agency needs a talented social media writer who can write and place articles & P.R. in online outlets and manage – promote postings for FaceBook, Twitter & blogs, Google search. Part-time freelance basis. Must have great writing skills –

Compensation: Hourly or per Project

Find out more;


Blogger Required

We are looking for Journalist/content writers to contribute for our new news site
-write about current news affairs (local+international)
-be able to write 250+ original words
-start up rates is $10 per article but will increase gradually

Compensation: $10 +

Find out more here:


Finance Blogger

I’m looking for a little part-time help with blog posts on a personal finance blog. You don’t need to be a finance expert, but you should have some experience writing and be able to provide samples.

Compensation: Pay to be discussed

Find out more:


Copywriters Needed

Strong copywriters needed for the new year. Be a part of history and write for a vibrant and exciting organization!

Looking for experienced copywriters with marketing copywriting experience.
Should have a wealth of experience in writing clever, compelling, branded web copy ·

Compensation: Not stated

Find out more:


Contract Writer AD/CD Expert

A newsletter publisher specializing in international trade news is looking for a part-time contract writer who has expertise in Antidumping and Countervailing duty notices that are published in the Federal Register. This position is ideal for an individual who has worked at the International Trade Administration. The writing entails summarizing AD and CV notices that appear in the Federal Register according to a company style format. Candidates must have familiarity and have worked with antidumping and countervailing investigations and reviews. Do not reply to this ad if you do not have any knowledge.

Compensation: To be discussed

Find out more:


Editorial Postition

The Chronicle of the Horse is currently looking to add to our editorial team.

Since 1937, the Chronicle has been an industry leader in sport horse news, results and information. Currently, the editorial team at the Chronicle is responsible for content across three products–a weekly magazine, daily website and monthly digital publication.

The right candidate for the job will have a passion for covering equestrian news to the highest standard. In-depth knowledge about the sports we cover and strong writing skills are a must. Experience in editing, proof reading and equestrian photography preferred. Web skills a bonus. Applicants should be hard working, detail-oriented, deadline driven and have experience in equestrian journalism or a related field.

Compensation: To be discussed

Find out more;









Writing Jobs 30/12/2011

Here are your last writing jobs of 2011….

Seeking Writers for New Online Magazine

We are a new liberal, national online magazine looking for new or aspiring writers who want to build a portfolio of writing clips. Similar to various online mags. such as The Huffington Post, we do NOT pay for articles at this time (REPEAT: We do NOT pay for articles), but this is a good opportunity to get published, establish an online following, and get a slew of articles under your belt.

We are looking for writers who can contribute at least 5 or 6 well-researched, intelligent, thought-provoking articles a year (one article every two months) on either News/Politics, Books, Music, Food, Movies, Media, Art or Travel.

Compensation: No


News and Content Writer

Brafton, a leading online news agency, is looking for a committed and talented writer to produce content in German for its established editorial team.

This home-based role will initially require 8 to 10 hours of work each week. Working for our in-house team, you will receive full training support and have ongoing access to fellow writers and managers tasked with providing content in the same field.

The subject matter focuses on the field of web technology, database software and enterprise resource planning, so some knowledge of these fields would be advantageous. The ideal candidate will demonstrate the ability to work as part of a fast-paced editorial team within which quick turnarounds are the norm.

Compensation: Pay per article


Basketball Writer

Looking for an energetic, passionate individual with solid basketball knowledge to cover hoops in the Province. Mainly at the high school level. Contact for more info!

Compensation: To be discussed


Documentary Looking for Writer

Video production company is looking for an experienced writer with TV credits for documentary. The documentary will be produced in 2012. The writer will work closely with an experienced director and producer.

Writer should possess strong research skills and will incorporate story telling and technical writing.

This documentary is about fast cars/jets with stories that revolve around several characters.
More information about the documentary will be provided to shortlisted applicants.

Compensation: Not stated


Digital Content Writer

Want to join our team? This is your chance; Cossette Vancouver’s Creative department is growing!

About us:
Cossette, a completely integrated marketing communications agency, is one of the top agencies in Canada servicing various local, national, and international brands. Our roster of clients includes British Columbia Lottery Corporation, McDonald’s Canada and UBC’s Sauder School of Business to name a few.

Compensation: Based on experience


Fundraising Consultant

For 20 years, one of my major consulting services has been writing successful grant and sponsorship proposals to foundations, corporations and government. I now find that my strategic planning and other for-profit contracts do not allow me the time to perform on all the proposal writing needed by nonprofits in the Lower Mainland. Most nonprofits cannot afford a full time staff grant writer. But they can afford assistance on a part-time, casual or project-by-project basis. I rarely write grants for nonprofits with under $250K p. a. budget or for start-ups. Nor do I write grants for for-profits who mistakenly believe that grant money might be a plausible, entrepreneurial funding source.

Compensation: $15-$25 per hour


International Property Writing

The Overseas Property Professional (OPP) is a business to business media platform for the global and cross border residential property industry. Our readers are agents and developers from all over the world in both buying destinations as well as where the buyers are coming from. We can provide a fast learning environment for already published writers interested in gaining experience in the workplace. The work will be varied and will be shaped, to a large extent, by what you want to get out of it.

Compensation; Travel expenses


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What Happens Next? Writing Competition

1st Prize: £150.00

2nd Prize: £100.00

3rd Prize: £75.00

4th Prize; 3 months Creative Competitor Premier1 membership

Entry fee: £3.00

Are you a Creative Competitor Premier1 member? Enter for free.

Closing date: 31st March 2012

Using the photo for creative inspiration, your story must be about a man in a library who chooses a book that changes his life. What the book is and why it has such an effect on him is up to you. The story must evolve and can be emotional, action-packed, mysterious or indeed take any direction that you like. Just make sure that it is powerfully written and interprets the theme creatively.

You have up to 2000 words in which to write your story including the title.

Submissions must be original and previously unpublished.

We prefer you to make your submissions by email to and ensure that you add the competition title in the subject line.

Please note that it can take some time to read and re-view all submissions and so entry into this competition implies acceptance to this condition and to the above rules.

Fancy winning up to £150.00? Pay your entry fee now and send your submission through when ready.


We publish the overall winning entry only and this means that all other submissions can be placed elsewhere or entered into other competitions. This includes the additional prize winners.





Writing Jobs 23/12/2011

If you fancy picking up a nice writing job before Christmas, then here is your chance…..

Creative and Computer Savvy Writer

Small office in Midtown in need of a technology-savvy writer for medium-term assignment. Must be technically knowledgeable and be able to handle a variety of miscellaneous tasks. Part of the writing will be for a technical trade show and part will be technical.

Skills helpful in this position are:
– excReal Estate Finance Writersellent writing skills

– tolerance for stupid questions
– anally detail-oriented
– science background

Compensation; $15 per hour

Find out more here;



Job Description:
Our client, an interactive advertising agency is looking for a freelance COPYWRITER (Pharma) for an upcoming project.

To be considered for this position you MUST have experience working on pharma campaigns. Consumer pharma with advertising background is IDEAL as you will be working a specific banner project.

Compensation; Not stated

Find out more;

You MUST have experience writing full campaigns and DIGITAL experience is a HUGE plus!


Real Estate Finance Writers

Writers with expertise in residential and commercial real estate finance are being sought for free-lance assignments. Please forward C.V. and links to your published writing.

Compensation; Not stated

Find out more;


Technical Writer

Technical Writer:
1. Write programming & installation manuals for custom installers of consumer electronic products by reviewing engineering documents & interviewing engineers & product development personnel.
2. Research & organize material & complete writing assignments according to established standards regarding order, clarity, conciseness, style & terminology.
3. Create (or select from existing) diagrams, photographs, drawings, sketches & charts to illustrate the operation of the products.
4. Outline need for graphical illustrations & create basic sketch for graphic artists to work from.
5. Maintain records & files of work & revisions.

Compensation: To be discussed

Find out more:


Blogger/ Writer for Media Website

Looking to hire an active Blogger/Writer for a media based website. Must have prior experience writing and editing articles. Job consists of refreshing daily blog posts, news feeds etc.

Please reply back with a brief description of yourself, a recent picture and a contact number where you can be reached.

Compensation: Not stated

Find out more:


Hipolitics Content Fellow Writer

We have recently launched Hipolitics — part media brand, part social movement — inspired by a new generation of young people who demand a new approach to politics and have an appreciation for cutting-edge culture from around the world.
Using new technology, captivating content, and perceptive personality, Hipolitics delivers an entirely new kind of politics, in a style and manner unlike anything else out there. With the 2012 U.S. election just around the corner, Hipolitics will be the place where young people are generating news, information, and opinions in a hip, organized, and sophisticated fashion.

Our beta site has just been launched, which is available via signup at:

Compensation; Per published post

Find out more;


Writer Needed to Create a Blog

Newly launched business looking for copywriter. Work from home

You will need outstanding writing skills, have a degree in English/Journalism/Advertising and a passion for finance, small business and sports.

You will develop blogs and articles for the company social media sites.

We are a company that specialize in small business turnarounds an alternatives to bankruptcy. We are looking for someone who has the ability to draw comparisons with sports and business. You would need to be a keen American sport follower and current with it’s affairs. More importantly someone who knows small business and how the different business moves make the differences, just like sports. You need to be able to find the underdog, recognize what they are doing to succeed and again draw the comparisons.



Guest Blog for OWS

Are you a blogger / writer who’s passionate about a political or social cause? (Occupy Wall Street Movement, gay marriage rights, sustainability…) We’re offering you a chance at some significant exposure. Here’s the deal:

Head to and join or create an “ology”, aka group, that’s all about your cause or passion. Invite 15 of your facebook friends to join using the handy invite feature. Post a passionate/witty/touching/hilarious piece in your ology. Be creative! Your post should be about 150 words and/or you can include a video blog or image.

Compensation; Not stated

Find out more;



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Writing Jobs 02/12/2011

Here is the latest list of writing jobs available for all. See any you like? Write a timely query now so that you don’t miss out.

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Junior Copywriter

he Creative Group is currently looking for a creative, deadline-driven Jr. copywriter for a client in the southbay area. The junior copywriter will be working as part of a team to develop content and copy for direct marketing campaigns. Additionally, the copywriter will be working with designers to ensure messaging and branding are on point.

The ideal candidate is a self-starter who thrives at working with smart people and has the ability to take direction and turn them into effective, compelling, relevant and meaningful messages.

This a full-time contract position, working onsite.

Compensation: To be discussed

Find out more:


Gun Writer is currently looking for freelance writers who can write interesting and insightful copy about guns, gun-related products, the firearm industry, and gun commerce.

If you don’t know about, we are an online firearms publication read by hundreds of thousands of people a month and our readership stretches around the globe. We have working relationships with major manufacturers such as Springfield, Beretta, Ruger, S&W, Kahr, and more. And our creditability has been affirmed by major publications such as NRA News, New York Times, Chicago Tribune, and more.

Candidates must have an expansive knowledge on all things guns. You must prove to have an advanced and intimate understanding of product trends (past, present, and future), industry projections, and a proven track record that you live and breathe guns.

We’re not looking for someone who just rattles off empty marketing terms, specs or propaganda, we’re looking for someone who can provide an actual analysis. The candidate needs strong research skills, journalistic insight and, most importantly, an authoritative writerly voice.

Compensation: Per article

Find out more here:


English Subject Matter/Expert Writers

Language Testing International is seeking language professionals to work as independent contractors sourcing and creating English test content.
Applicants should have:
Demonstrated experience working with language, and the ability to write for a range of audiences. Additionally, we are looking for experience working in a team, and strong organizational skills and attention to detail. Master’s degree in linguistics or related field is desirable, as are intermediate to advanced MSWord and Excel skills. Personal experience in foreign/second language acquisition is a plus, as is familiarity with ILR or ACTFL proficiency scales.

Compensation: Not stated

Find out more:


SEO Writing Articles

Need 400-500 word SEO articles asap.

Good writers – students ok.. that can write lots of work fast

Entertainment, Fun writing, Nightlife, Hospitality, New York City Knowledge a+

Compensation: Varies on wordcount

Find out more:


Writer of Poetry Required

My newly-formed company is looking for a writer (of poetry) to partner with us. If you fit this position, we will pay you for your writing. Your writing will be published worldwide through the forthcoming website

We need a writer immediately.

Compensation: Amount not stated

Find out  more:


Reporters Required

Successful candidates will be comfortable covering general news and at least one of the following areas: Church, Courts, Politics, Entertainment, Business, Health, Tech, World, Video/Broadcast.
Each applicant must do the following to be eligible:

1. Submit a resume
2. Include news writing samples, preferably AP style news writing. Check Christian Post website first to get an idea of what we are looking for in a reporter.
3. Submit a cover letter. Please be sincere and original, don’t simply copy it from a guide book.


Compensation:$2000 Month

Find out more:


Freelance Copywriter , a leading online merchant offering Contemporary Lightings for Home Furnishing Designers and High end Clientele at a value, is seeking a freelance Copywriter to join our Online Merchandising Team. This is a Great opportunity to work in a Start Up environment that fuses the dynamic worlds of Modern Lighting and the Internet.
Key Responsibilities:
Write detailed merchandise descriptions for Home, Office Décor using the Shop contemporary voice.
Input all information into our back-office system; including weights and measurements.
Liaise with members of the Customer Service team to expedite the upload process
Work hours for this position are typically Monday through Friday

Compensation: Not stated

Find out  more:


Hip Hop Blogger/Reporter is a website dedicated to the analysis of race, class, culture
and more. Hip Hop is arguably the strongest expression of African American
culture in the 21st century. looking for a Hip Hop
Blogger-Reporter who has experienced the music and has an understanding of the
social, economic and political impact Hip Hop has on America.
This internship is intended for a hard-working, dedicated individual who is
detail-oriented and a strong writer and editor. Responsibilities include
writing blog posts twice a week and a monthly feature article.

Compensation: Unpaid Internship

Find out more:



Writing Jobs 25/11/2011

Here are the brand new writing jobs for this week. If you fancy getting even more writing jobs sent to you each week, sign up for our PREMIER1 Membership today.


Fashion, Beauty and Pop Culture Editorial Internship is a blog dedicated to covering fashion, beauty, pop culture and other women-oriented topics in an approachable, intelligent voice. We stress the value of community and forward progression. Our site totals about 2 million pageviews per month.

This internship provides an excellent opportunity to develop a real prowess within the broad scope of new media.

* Prior writing/blogging experience (must enjoy blogging!)
* Must have excellent communication skills and be highly organized, efficient
* Work a minimum of 15 hours/week

Payment: Unpaid Internship

Find out more here:


4 Bloggers/Writers Needed

We are an writing company contracted by companies such as 20th Century Fox,
Paramount Entertainment, Ford Motor Company, Google and more to provide content and proof reading.

We recruit people to fill 1000s of jobs for companies like this
every year.

Many of these jobs are simple online writing tasks, such as blogging
about a movie that you recently saw, commenting on what your opinion
is of a certain kind of car, proof reading simple documents and more!

We are currently in search of 4 local writers who are willing to work from home.

Payment: $100-$300 daily depending on experience

Find out more:


Associate Web Writer

As a top global media company, Exec Digital is seeking a skilled writer to join our team. We are looking for someone who fully understands the “executive lifestyle” with a comprehensive knowledge of business, technology, marketing, gadgets, cars, fashion and beyond. It is essential that the candidate has a strong writing portfolio, extensive knowledge of web 2.0 marketing, web content management and social media.

Responsibilities and Essential Functions:
● Developing and coordinating content strategies for Exec Digital website and digital magazine
● Updating and maintaining online content of brand, including writing daily stories and monthly features
● Capability to understand audience to write strategically and deliver content in concise manner
● Develop relationships with audience for interviews, with a strict emphasis on achieving a-list magazine profiles and web stories
● Research topics online to share with the Web Content Team
● Edit and proof peer articles
● Have a positive/charismatic attitude in order to manager website and magazine effectively
● Strong sight of goals and an strong attitude towards doing what it takes to accomplish them

Payment: Does not say

Find out more:


Seeking Academic Nursing and Others – Writers

Seeking freelance academic writers with a Canadian nursing background to work from home and get paid per project

Must have:
* A Masters Degree or PhD in at least one subject field from a North American university

* Able to write high quality CUSTOM WRITTEN academic papers very quickly

* Access to scholarly peer reviewed nursing journals and university level research resources

Payment: $10-$13 per page

Find out more:


Online Content Writer

Need writer to write online contents.
You are paid a flat rate of $15 per web posting(usually very short) of 290-350 words (will be specified with each assignment). We have regular work, looking for a long term writer.

Fast typing and Google research skills is essential.

– Copywriting skill is a plus
– Excellent mastery of English grammar
– Great writer that write in concise manner with plain English;
– Basic SEO writing knowledge is a plus

Payment: $15 per post

Find out more:


Freelance Copywriter (Vancouver)

Ashton College is dedicated to providing individuals with the education that they require to reach their professional goals.

We are looking for a freelance copy writer who has at least 3 -5 years of experience. This individual will be responsible for writing copy for our brochures, website, email blasts, newsletters and take on any other writing projects. At this time, this position is a short-term contract position.

Desired Qualifications and Skill Set

• At least 3-5 years of copy writing experience
• Exceptional writing skills and editing skills
• Degree in English, Journalism, Communications or related field
• Ability to compose copy for marketing material
• Ability to adhere to tight deadlines
• Team Player

Payment: To be discussed

Find out more:


Travel Website Hiring (Virtual)

If you write perfect english we are hiring now.
Join the internets newest Travel Group and become part of something big
We offer a great salary and much more..Want to work from home?
We can do that with you….

Payment: To be discussed

Find out more:




The Traveling Freelance Writer: How to Create a Productive Morning in Paradise

By James Druman

Due to the nature of the freelance writing business, a savvy writer can enjoy complete freedom of location. Since writing requires no strings remain attached, they can work from anywhere in the world as long as they have a reliable laptop and an internet connection. Of course, what a writer chooses to do with this freedom depends on their personal goals.

Some people, for instance, just want to cut the cord between them and the boss, allowing them to stay home with their families (without making income sacrifices) and choose their own hours. Certainly a dream worth fulfilling.

For me, a young (somewhat) bachelor – and perhaps you as well – freedom means something else entirely.

To me, freedom means stuffing my laptop into a backpack with a choice few items of clothing and heading off in search of adventure. It means spending my days scuba diving in the tropics or touring foreign coasts on motorbikes – learning new languages and eating bizarre foods on a daily basis.

But traveling with a business in your backpack means having priorities other travelers don’t. You can’t just party and soak in the experiences 24/7 – you have work to do. You need to keep bidding on jobs, juggling emails, and writing the premium content your clients pay for.

To stay productive on the traveling circuit, start off with a productive morning and set the stage for entire day.

First off, get up early every morning, or at least a little bit early…

Freedom from the rat race, most people assume, includes the choice to get up at any time you choose. Sure it does. But trust me when I say that if you still need to earn a living, sleeping in too late ruins your days.

So set your alarm clock and get a proper head-start.

In my own case, I don’t force myself out of bed at the crack of dawn by any means. I’m not enlisted in the army, after all, so I allow myself that extra bit of sleep I deserve (so I’ve decided) without sleeping in so much I become a hermit at night.

Getting up early also forces you to hit the hay earlier; when living in the world’s tourist destinations, such daytime obligations save your sanity. Without them, you will surely party the year away – I should know.

But what should you do with that head-start? I highly suggest sitting down right now with a pen and paper and planning a morning routine, down to the last detail.

Developing the habit of jumping right into a hyper-productive non-work morning routine as soon as you wake up will do wonders for your life and work. For example, my routine includes hydrating myself, picking up my room, a good swimming workout (more on this later), meditation, showering & grooming, a healthy breakfast, and then 20-30 minutes of business-related reading.

Look, I know you didn’t plan on such a regimented schedule when imagining your future as a traveling writer… but hear me out.

“Routines” were never my thing either. I prefer spontaneity and always imagined doing the same thing every day must be as miserable a life one could live.

But since implementing the aforementioned routine into my mornings, my productivity has tripled. Before, I would open my eyes in the morning, jump directly to my computer, get right to work, and then grind away at my keyboard late into the night.

Sure, I lived in paradise, but I felt like a slave to my work. Miserable.

After implementing my routine, taking the time to wind down (or up) in the morning, my life and my work transformed – and that’s no hyperbole. Starting the day in this fashion gets me off on the right foot from the very get-go. I feel replenished, clear-headed, and ready to face the day.

100% centered.

And interestingly enough, by adding all these other things to my morning, I gained a ton of free time and get loads more work done.

I’m still spontaneous and loopy as ever, but I’ve fashioned my routine so I can do it no matter where I wake up. And now I strongly believe just a little bit of structure can do even the most footloose of us a lot of good.

Now, I especially want to stress the working out aspect of your morning ritual – don’t just get up, down a cup of coffee, watch some news, and call it good.

Every day, as part of my routine, I get a good, brisk workout in, and for good reason. Surely I don’t need to preach the importance of maintaining your health. And not only does regular exercise preserve your health but it serves as a great outlet for stress, which can murder your business when your work depends on your mind.

Working out is twice as important for a freelance writer than for most other people. We spend hours upon hours sitting in front of a computer, typing away, while others get at least some exercise just moving through their day.

Many writers I know, including myself, put on a lot of weight when they first got started.

Don’t let your health get away from you while trying to make a buck. I know you want to make this work, but without good health, what do you have? And a solid morning workout gets it out of the way right off the bat every day, keeping your health in check.

And the emotional release from pushing yourself physically will super-accelerate your productivity.

So, what kind of workout should you do?

Well, you don’t need to jump into a savage workout that leaves you crying for your mother. Start out light. Do a mere 10 push-ups a day and then add 5-10 reps to your exercise routine every week – this will add up quickly without shredding your muscles too much in the beginning, and then momentum will build from there.

Keep adding to your workout and expanding it in a similar fashion as you go along. Work in some swimming, if there is a pool nearby – I personally like swimming because it is not only meditative but does wonders for my back. And it’s not hard to find a hotel that will let you use their pool for a fee when traveling.

Sit-ups, pull-ups, yoga, jogging… it’s really up to you.

Note: A traveling writer should design a workout plan that doesn’t depend on having a gym around. Make mobility your main focus when implementing new components to your workout if you want to live this lifestyle.

By implementing these simple lifestyle adjustments into your life, you can enjoy the freedom of a traveling writer without giving up your peace of mind and health, and the productivity gains produced by these simple tips alone will radically transform your life.


By leveraging current trends and tools, the productivity “problems” of the []professional freelancer lie within within your reach too. James Druman writes articles about how to become a writer and achieve complete location independence at

Image:© Jhdt Stock Images Llc |

Writing Jobs 28/10/2011

Here are our latest writing job offerings hot off the press. As always, writing jobs get snapped up quickly so if any of the writing projects appeal to you, then send a well-written query email and earn yourself some cash. Please note that we do not endorse any of these writing jobs, these are all listed in the public domain.

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Health and Beauty Writers (Home)

Beauty and health product reviewer needed. Able writers to create product reviews for beauty companies on a regular basis. Work from home; assignments will be given via email and returned same, so internet access a must. Review will be specific and template given to follow.Must be able to review 25-50 every week at least. Strong language skills a must. Must be ready to meet deadlines.

Also openings for sales copy and experienced writers

Compensation: Depending on position

More details here:

Freelance Writer (Legal Blogs)

Westchester-based internet marketing company is looking for talented, creative writers to join our team. Writers will create original content articles based on online research for posting on a series of websites. Several positions are available. Lawyers, Law Students, English and Communications majors welcome.

Job Description:
Must be able to write compelling copy with impeccable grammar
Ability to do online research and prepare UNIQUE, compelling 350-400 word articles
Experience with WordPress required
Experience writing with keywords for SEO content required
Experience with legal and/or medical topics (a plus, but not required)

Compensation: Per Assignment

More details here:

Freelance Blogger Needed ASAP

Looking for a freelance blogger to assist in writing blog content for an exciting new start-up beauty company in New York. Duties would include writing weekly blog content and occasional newsletters. Work may also extend to additional areas of copywriting for the company.

Our beauty products are all-natural and designed for pregnant women.

Compensation: Negotiable

More details here:

Local Food and Wine Bloggers (SOHO)

We are a boutique wine store in the Murray Hill/Kips Bay neighborhood looking for NYC local food & wine bloggers to guest post on our blog (1 to 3 times per week). Write about wine, food, restaurants, recipes, cocktails, etc…pretty much anything related to eating or imbibing.

Email me your blog, facebook, and twitter or anything else social that is a good representation of you and your writing

Compensation: Internship and Discounts

More details here:

Calling all Copywriters

Creative Circle is a specialized staffing agency, representing creative professionals for freelance, full-time and freelance to full-time opportunities. We specialize in placing candidates working in digital, traditional, broadcast and mobile spaces.

Currently, our NYC based clients have available positions for skilled print and/or interactive copywriters.

Compensation: Not stated.

More details here:

Nutrition and Health News Reporter
Are you passionate about patient education and empowering consumers to better manage their health? Are you interested in joining an exciting and fast-paced health news publisher?

dailyRx is expanding its health news reporter team in Austin, TX and NYC, NY. Ideal candidates will be experienced health journalists with extensive interest and experience in the nutrition field in addition to online publishing skills.

Compensation: Not stated

More details:

Blogger/Writer   New York City and Tri-State area

Come join our Contract writer/blogger team! This is your chance to join us and become a part the healthy vending revolution.


Fresh Healthy Vending, the nationwide leader in healthy vending solutions is actively seeking knowledgeable and talented writers to compose blogs and other written material for our family of websites. Candidates will focus on researching and writing blogs and articles to educate our potential customers on healthy vending and leading a healthy lifestyle. Join our team and help promote our Fresh Vending Machines online by writing powerful, engaging and versatile copy.

15-20 hours a week
Compensation:$200 dollars weekly

More details here:

Crazy, Sexy, Cool Writers Wanted (London)

We are looking for writers and contributions for a new magazine. This is a 100% non-profit thing, so unfortunately no payment (yet).
We will be starting with an online issue first and hope to get a quarterly print started by 2012.
It is called Other Reality Magazine and we want to present News, Stories, Reports, Films, Images, Art, Comics, Opinions about the Other Reality that is being created all over the world in more and more Places, Projects and Minds. We want to connect the dreams and visions as well as the practical steps that are already been taken and developed to creat a new world, a new paradigm.

Compensation: None

Find out more:

Fiction and Poetry

We are a new literary magazine now accepting submissions of short fiction and poetry for the publication of our next issue. This is a paid market. All themes and styles are accepted. We are a US-based publication, but we seek voices the world over, as our distribution has global potential.

Compensation:Poetry $20-100, Short Fiction $100-250

Find out more:

Website Writer

Website Writer/Editor and Communications Specialist


We are one of the oldest and largest migration consultancies in the UK having been established in 1988. We run one of the top legal related web-sites in the UK and will use our expertise gained over many years to market our employment law services over the internet.

Ideally you should have the following qualifications/experience

A bachelor’s degree in Communications, Journalism, English or related field,

Compensation: Provide details of your rates

Find out more:
Writers Needed for VZ Magazine

VZ magazine is a new music magazine covering Indie/Rock/Folk. We are looking for writers to cover Album Reviews, News, Interviews, Blogs, & Concerts

Compensation: Salary

Find out more:

Grab your Slice of Writing Success

Are you ready to take your writing to the next level? Do you dream of writing the next best-seller? Do you long to see your name in print in magazines and on websites? Do you want to take the first steps to a lucrative writing career?

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Would video coaching sessions be useful for developing your writing technique? Would you like to advertise your writing services for free?

Our Premier Membership package was created to help those writers who wish to learn how to take that all important step from amateur to professional and for those published writers who wish to increase their writing income. Whether you like fiction or non-fiction, membership will enhance your abilities and your creative vision helping you to source opportunities and become an established writer.

  • Free unlimited entry into any of our writing competitions (we guarantee to publish at least two separate writing competitions a month)
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    Don’t waste your writing potential. Take a leap of faith to your new writing career right here!

    Writing Jobs 21/10/2011

    If you are interested in applying for any of these writing jobs then make sure that you respond quickly with a good introductory email. Writing jobs get snapped up quickly so don’t miss out. Check out our weekly Friday Writing Job listings right  here on the Creative Competitor.

    Social Media Expert/Blogger

    We are local start-up specializing in the fitness industry. We are looking for someone to take our social media campaigns to the next level. Part of this position will entail attending fitness classes in the Raleigh/Durham area and blogging about them on our website so a passion about fitness is critical.

    Compensation: $12 per hour +

    Find out more here:

    Fashion Streetware Blogger/Writer

    I’m a web developer for a clothing store here in Brooklyn that carries clothing brands such as True Religion, 10 Deep, Crooks & Castles, Entree Lifestyle as well as footwear brands like Nike, Jordan, UGG Australia, Adidas, Red Wing & more.

    We’re looking to expand on our blog and we’d like to work with a few experienced writers. We prefer people who are familiar with these brands because we will require some help writing product descriptions & articles about the brands/clothing as well as blog posts.

    Compensation:  $6 per approved 450 word post & $20 for 10 product descriptions

    Find out more here:

    Automotive Content Writer

    National automotive publishing website is adding automotive articles and car reviews to our website. A list of automotive related topics will be provided. All content must be 100% original and have 300 to 400 words.

    Automotive content writing experience is required.

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) keyword integration into the automotive content is required.

    Compensation: Quote your price

    Find out more here:

    Freelance Copyeditors

    Freelance copyeditors
    AHA! is a strategic communications firm with expertise in writing. We’re looking for Portland-area freelance copyeditors with agency experience to be our go-to eagle eyes when our staff copyeditors need some extra help. Our immediate need is for occasional quick-turn and evening work, which could be done offsite, although there could be longer-term, onsite opportunities in the future.
    Specifically, we’re looking for professional copyeditors (read: not writers with an eye for spelling errors) who can review creative deliverables (typically copy decks in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint presentations or designed PDFs) for the following:
    • Correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, mechanics and usage
    • Internal consistency
    • Adherence to client-specific editorial style.
    We need someone who can quickly absorb and apply the idiosyncrasies of a client’s corporate style guide while also spotting extra spaces and missing commas. Someone who knows the difference between an egregious error that absolutely must not stand and one that’s too technical to correct in the final stages of production

    Compensation: Based on experience.

    Find out more here:

    Watchdogs Wanted (Raleigh)

    Love to harass public officials and business bigwigs? Can’t wait to dig into the local government budget? Dream of visualizing school data? We want to talk to you.

    The Raleigh Public Record is looking for freelance reporters to develop and report news stories in Raleigh.

    We’re a nonprofit, online-only news publication serving Raleigh by reporting the stories that go unreported or under-reported by other area news outlets. Our topics include city and county government, development, environment, transportation, growth and community issues.

    Compensation: $50-$200 per article. Pay for investigative and enterprise stories varies by project

    Find out more here:

    Ghost Writer

    I have an idea about a book(booklet)LESS THAN 20 PAGES .
    I have funds for publishing on iPAD, kindle and guaranteed to make the HIT .

    I already have “”””””””””””””””””few thousands of customers””””””””””””””””””””””””” lined up through other project, that sold thousands in few days. People want and need this book ASAP!!!
    So it’s should be a piece of cake for a creative writer.

    I have the concept ready. I will provide guidance, specification and ideas. Your job will be to wrap up the project in nice words. I will give you exact specification for each chapter , with bullet points and developed concept, bunch of scramble notes and written ideas.

    How I describe this book(or booklet) : inspirational, mind blowing , result oriented, straight to the point , motivational ….. etc.

    Please Be positive person and have experience, some knowledge and passion about Self Improvement!

    Compensation: Negotiable

    Find out more here:

    Get Paid to Write Reviews

    We are looking for iPad enthusiasts to get paid to review apps. Your opinions will help developers improve the quality & value of their apps. We are looking for writers, bloggers, and reviewers to give their honest feedback.

    Compensation:$25 for five reviews + cost of apps

    Find out more here:

    Golf Writers Wanted (Anywhere)

    If you are a writer who is also an avid golfer, professional golfer or golf instructor — Demand Media Studios needs your expertise.

    Demand Media Studios pays freelance writers from all over the country to supply professional content to our network of websites and we are currently recruiting golf experts for one of the web’s top golfing sites —

    This is a freelance position where you can claim and work on multiple articles at a time, allowing you to work at your own pace and earn extra money around your own schedule. Payment is a flat fee per article, paid bi-weekly via PayPal.

    Compensation: $15 per article

    Find out more here:

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    Be A Wealthy Writer: Why Quality Equals Profit

    By Carmen Berry

    One doesn’t create wealth overnight-in spite of what the “get rich quick” scammers may say. Most of us have had experience, at least once in life, for being attracted to someone or something that was “too good to be true”. I know I have, and I’ve learned from my mistakes. While some do, it’s easy to get turned off by strong-armed sales pages that over-promote poor quality materials.

    I remember one writing coach who told me that her 40 page book would teach me how to turn my email list into gold. I know, I know, I shouldn’t have fallen for it. When I got her Ebook, it was indeed 40 pages; 40 pages of double spaced type at 14 point fonts with extremely large margins. That was the first and last time I purchased her products. I am very careful now who I trust, and I’m less quickly to part with my cash than I was in the past.

    1. Low Quality Products Undermine Trust

    Those of us who genuinely want to help people while we are providing for ourselves and our families need not worry about the scammers. Eventually, their false claims will undermine their credibility and no one will buy from them. But as our readers, clients and customers gain important knowledge and assistance from our writing and information products, their trust in us will grow. As their confidence in our materials increase, so will our revenues.

    2. Our Customers Will Respect Us if We Respect Them

    I’m sure you’ve read sales pages that give you the feeling like the writer thinks you’re a fool. I certainly have. The promises are outrageous and overblown-the language extreme and exaggerated. These promotions, and the poor quality of the product, are very disrespectful of your readers and buyers.

    People turn to you because they have serious problems to solve. They are struggling with issues that are disrupting or decreasing the quality of their lives. Your job is to provide them with real solutions to their very real problems. When you provide quality, you honor your clients and treat them with the respect they deserve. They will pick up on this and come to trust you more deeply as time goes on.

    3. High Quality Products Translate Into High Levels of Profit

    You and your customers benefit from the high quality of your materials. Provide real value and your products will be valued. Cut corners and create products that promise a new solution but is nothing more than a rehash of old ideas, and you will suffer as much as your customers.

    Everyone wins when you take the time and energy to create high quality books, training programs, coaching services and other informational materials. Don’t short change your customers, and they won’t short change you.

    For a FREE copy of my newest workboook, Make Your Hook Sizzle and Sell, a $17 value go to

    Are you having trouble finishing your book? Carmen Berry, MSW can help! She is a New York Times bestselling author who authored, co-authored and ghost written over 20 books with top publishers including Simon & Schuster, HarperCollins, and Penguin. She has taught aspiring authors how to get published for 10 years. What could this same kind of success mean to your career?

    Article Source: [] Be A Wealthy Writer: Why Quality Equals Profit

    Image:© Alexandr Denisenko |