Build A Creative Platform – Start Today

Author Annette Youngby Annette Young

Writing is about so much more than just the written word. Nowadays, you have to be prepared to promote your work and to be brave and tell the world that you are truly serious about writing. It means strengthening your existing skill-set, being prepared to continue the learning process and, taking the plunge and improving your visibility as a writer too. With this in mind, building a platform is essential if you wish to start attracting potential readers and to make the publishing world sit up and take notice.

The platform in question, becomes a solid framework enabling you to become more well-known in creative terms. You may wish to set up a blog and write regular blog posts, extending your reach by using social media. You may want to write a book and need a platform on which to promote it. Or, you may be a freelance writer and looking to attract new clients while displaying extracts of your work. Whatever your writing goals, a platform is the structure on which you begin your journey.

Like everything in life, the foundations have to be in place. You need a starting point, but one that is solid beneath you and will support you on your learning journey. Professional writers and authors always talk about ‘the platform’ and so, you can rest assured that it is important.  You may wish to write extensively for other sites, perhaps one in particular, and then, this becomes your platform, or, you may wish to have a web presence and share your creative endeavors promoting your site heavily. Your website or blog becomes your platform.

Whatever you wish to achieve creatively, you need a solid starting point and you need others to see your work. If you can envisage this as a gradual journey, so much the better. It will help you to develop the right mindset, the right approach going forward and this is likely to increase your potential for sales.

If you would like to have your own website and to build your platform, do it the easy way. Try our ‘oh so simple’ WordPress training course. 

If you already have a website, don’t just leave it there. Add to it as much as is possible. Include extracts of fiction, opening chapters, an author bio and news about you. Then, promote it through social media including Twitter and on Facebook. If you need help promoting it to the masses i.e. over 38,000 people, check this OUT.

Freelance Writing – Develop A Strong Business Approach

Annette Youngby Annette Young

People think that the freelance writing lifestyle must be wonderful and it is in so many ways, but make no mistake, life as a self-employed individual is not always easy. There may be a great deal of creativity still but, there’s no mistaking the need to be business-like in every aspect of your career. 

Just because you plan to write your next article while relaxing in the sun, it doesn’t mean that your words are not wonderfully sharpened or focused. You must have targeted your client, considered all that you wanted to achieve and more, developed a strategy for success. 

When starting out, you need to pay special attention to your accounts. There’s no point being lazy in this aspect, even if you dread it. You have to feel confident that the work you do is paying your bills and importantly, it is worth your time taking on some projects. I know many writers who have over-looked this element of the freelance writing game, overwhelmed by the buzz of actually making a living from the written word. It’s easy to be carried away. 

It’s also incredibly easy to panic and not to know where the next penny is coming from, especially if you are not so good at planning ahead.

So, even from the moment you decide to set up your freelance writing business, remember this, you must plan meticulously, set goals, consider overheads, consider outgoings and make sure incoming revenue gives you enough to fund your lifestyle. Freelancing is often seen as an attractive prospect as it has very little overheads – the cost of a good laptop and a workspace and you are ready to go, but it can be difficult to get new clients initially and, to be able to rely on them totally. The life of a freelance writer can mean juggling workloads profusely so you must be sure of your time and skill-set to do so.

Some clients will pay you late and others, are wonderful and they pay you exactly on time, returning to use your services over and over if you have provided them with high-quality material. When you start out, you will have to build in time for job applications, vying for those tempting jobs against a great many others. The time it takes to do so, should be added to your costs, it is your time after all. 

As in any type of business, you must prove you are the person for the role. Your writing must be error free, your writing represents you and you must be able to develop excellent rapport with your clients – as with employers the world over, some clients will be difficult to get on with.

Just because you work from home does not mean life is easier. It’s all-too tempting to be distracted, to feel lazy or allow mental tiredness to impact your working day. You may long to pull the duvet cover over your head and go back to sleep, but your clients need their work completed on time. Deadlines must be adhered to and if you have given your word that an article will be delivered at a certain time, then you must follow through or at the very least, have a good reason as to why that is not the case.

Thinking of becoming a freelance writer? Start preparing your business plan now and start your business the right way.  

Freelance Writing and Creative Writing

Author Annette Young

The advice given to new writers is often to carve out a niche area and stick to it and they are right…. to a degree. But  I remember when I took my first serious steps towards writing, I didn’t know what niche area to focus on – freelance writing or creative writing, frankly, I wanted to do it all. I was brimming over with ideas and just loved the experience of writing and learning. I tried to focus on just one project, but it was impossible.

I tried writing poetry and won some writing competitions so that was exciting and I loved writing fiction, managing to have some of my stories published, I enjoyed plotting and planning novels but, I also enjoyed the research aspect of non-fiction and the analytic approach. So, dilemma.

I couldn’t narrow the remit because I enjoyed it all. I found I had to work on several different projects at a time because it kept my motivation and enthusiasm sharp. It did dilute my ability to quickly complete projects but I was able to enjoy my writing, to learn lots of techniques and to make sense of the whole creative writing process. I believe that working in this way played to my strengths, I was good at organising and juggling my workload on a daily basis anyway and this sort of frantic pace prevented me from getting bored.

Years later, I still work this way. Admittedly, I write full-time so it’s much easier but I have lots of different writing projects through clients as well as my Creative Competitor work, but this is how I work best. I do work feverishly on some of my own writing projects in between others, but I can dip in and out of these niches to suit my needs. Freelance writing gives me the variety I need because I can be working on any number of projects – from articles, books and even scripts and then when I get some downtime, I try to indulge in creative writing because it’s pleasurable and relaxing.

So, from this, you can see  it is possible to cultivate a career in both freelance writing and creative writing. I do both professionally and I love it. The variety keeps my brain stimulated, my experiences in life fuel my writing in a creative sense and I get to live where I want in the world. I’m chained to a very portable desk.

You do have to be determined and dedicated to the craft of writing to make this work for you and not against you, but it’s possible. I work very long hours, I’m single, my daughter is grown up,  so I don’t have to do set hours and devote time to family needs but I work to suit how I feel. If I feel like taking time off, I schedule it. For me though, writing is more than a career, it’s an aboslute passion. I care about the end result and give 100% to each area of my career. I do think that you have to work to your strengths in life. You may like to focus on one project and learn everything about it you can, that’s great, other people will dip in and out of different niche areas and gradually learn and many will change their focus in time. I just choose to absorb myself in the projects to hand (I often cherry-pick the freelance writing projects so I enjoy them) and dip in and out of the required mind-set.

In short, you can enjoy freelance writing and creative writing if that’s what you want, but whichever writing endeavours you choose, commit to it and give it everything you have. It will mean juggling your writing time if you have lots of projects, but you will learn to be efficient and you’ll learn what suits you. That’s the real secret.

High Quality Content? I’d Love a Bowl of Peanuts!

Writing for peanuts

Annette Young - Authorby Annette  Young

Every now and then I feel the urge to stick up for writers everywhere and to tell potential clients to pay up if they want high quality content. You’d think it would be obvious.  You get what you pay for you don’t you? Apparently, in the world of freelance writing, top notch writers are still getting lumped in with those who can hardly string a sentence together. Quite frankly, it’s not the reason I went into writing, and I’m sure many freelance writers out there would agree.

I really get sick when I see job adverts that express the importance of hiring someone with excellent skills and yet want to pay them peanuts. In fact, for some of the payments offered, I think a writer would struggle even to buy a large packet of peanuts from their wage. It’s ludicrous that a professional writer is expected to write for next to nothing. I suspect that for some people, their earnings per hour is less than the national minimum wage. Scandalous.

I’m not greedy. When I quote for writing projects, I put in a fair offer and ok, sometimes do reduce my rate, it depends on the job – little research, very quick job, or if it gives me a new string to my bow, but my low side, compared to a lot of writers, is vastly different. So come on clients! I can appreciate that the economy is tough right now, I’m a business woman, I know that the figures have to tally but if you want good quality writing, then please pay up.

I’m lucky, I get repeat work from clients and I don’t work anymore for people who are rude, who let me down or, who keep me waiting for my payment. I am not keen on hourly rates,  because if I feel like taking longer and slowing my pace, then I’m not over-charging my clients. I do not write manically for anyone. I do not apply for jobs that say ‘ Fantastic Job! We want 400 articles and pay an AMAZING 800 USD! What? Then the others that say, LOW BUDGET but MASSES of  WORK! Are we supposed to be grateful that we can work for very little but get to juggle our little shirt buttons at the end of it?

I have written about this topic before, moaning at writers about getting some self-respect and charging what they are worth, but I see that nothing is changing.

So this time, my heartfelt plea goes out to clients the world over, please, please, please consider that you are hiring professionals. You are hiring someone who can make a huge difference to your own financial income by writing books, web content or articles for you. Don’t advertise for a high-quality writer but say, ‘It’s an EASY Job and expect to pay little. If it’s easy, why are you NOT DOING IT?

Don’t offer a writer revenue based on sales thereafter, because if the marketing is not good following on after the job is completed, sales will be next to nothing. Instead, do the decent thing, pay a reasonable wage, one agreed by both and look after your writer, even if you are only working on minimal projects together. Decency and kindness goes a long, long way and you can be confident that the writer will work even harder for you if you appreciate their skills.

I firmly believe that you get what you pay for. You may be lucky and pick up a good writer who happens to have a low self-esteem and does not know their own worth, but what are you going to do when they burn out through writing long and hard and not being able to pay their way?

I know that businesses are struggling right now, but if you wanted to get a receptionist or a secretary, wouldn’t you have to pay the going rate?

Sometimes writers don’t have a voice, so I’m standing up on their behalf. Look after your writers and they will create the high-quality content that puts your business on the map.






Remember Writing for Pleasure?

Author, Editor Annette Youngby Annette Young

Many freelance writers, who write full-time, will agree that to survive within the publishing world, there are constant pressures to seek out new publishing outlets and to continually strive for the regular publication of new articles.

To the outsider looking in, life may seem sweet, with hours to suit, no trudging to work in the wind and rain, or working at a job you despise, however, freelancers vary rarely work the traditional 9-5 and working a five day week is almost unheard of. There are no steady hours in the freelance writer’s world. Any time off is often spent researching new material, absorbing daily events or at least mentally planning for the next interview. Even time spent away on holiday cannot prevent the Freelancer from planning the next travel article and taking notes and photographs of places of interest-just in case.

Professional writers work long and sometimes unsociable hours, in their attempt to make a living. Life is governed by possible rejections, disappointments and extreme highs when an article is finally accepted for publication. Freelance writers these days have to not only be creative, inventive, and resilient, but are expected to be experts in niche areas and able to market themselves to boot!

Although, most established freelance writers would not swap their existence for a steady 9-5 job, it is easy to see how some writers buckle under the severe pressure, living life by their wits, having to constantly budget their money for months ahead. They can become jaded with this continual pressure. The very source of their writing essence can dry up, leaving them struggling for both ideas and direction.

Freelancers become so used to writing for deadlines, targeting a specific house style, and then double-checking their facts that sometimes, it is easy to forget that writing can and should be fun.

For any writer who has been in this situation, then take heart; the all-important batteries can be recharged. Just take a step back momentarily and cast your mind back to the good old days. Writing stories or poems then were a labour of love, you wrote from the heart or from your soul, because mood dictated and not because you needed to make a profit.

It is time to tune in to good old inspiration.

Writing can be therapeutic; it can channel anger and sadness, releasing bottled emotions, allowing the tension to slip away as you become immersed within your story line.

In this day and age, freelance writers cannot afford to write for pleasure very often. Time becomes very precious, with rigorous schedules in place to enable them to succeed in a competitive market; ambitions often drive them to breaking point. But every now and then, it is important to re-evaluate their values and write purely for pleasure, for release and for satisfaction.

Think back to the moment when you realised you wanted to be a writer. What was it about writing that attracted you the most? Was it the unique opportunity to be able to glimpse into a different world or see life through another’s eyes? Did the lyrical qualities of poetry inspire you to put pen to paper or did you feel untapped creativity surging through your body as inspiration come to life?

When we write for ourselves, we do not need to worry about word count or house style, our tensions evaporate as we become one with our subject. When our creative juices are exhausted, we feel contented again. These words are not wasted, even if they may never be published, they are just ways of channelling your feelings and they enable you to remember, why you became a writer in the first place.

Hone your skill, perfect your art, but when life gets too much, take time out to lose yourself in your creativity and just write for pure pleasure.

Freelance Writing – From Low Budget to Healthy Budget

Editor, Author Annette YoungFreelance writing is difficult. It’s hard in the current climes. There are several reasons for this. Clients have less money in their budgets to pay and even if they don’t, they see that writers are prepared to work for next to nothing. There is another reason too. There are more writers out there. Writers at varying levels of experience, and some who may be forced into the industry to look for paid work. I know many people who have dusted off their laptops and started writing to help supplement their own waning income.

These writers will understandably charge less and their need to do so is because they desperately need to boost their income. Fair point. For many, life sucks in terms of business, bills and the constant drain on their money. So, assuming that these writers can hold their own in a competitive marketplace – welcome, dip your toes in at your ‘slightly’ reduced rate, have a paddle, gain some great writing credits and then join the ranks of those who charge a fair price for their work. After all, you will have earned it.

But cutting your teeth in freelancing terms is not always easy. When I started, I didn’t know anything about pricing my work and probably got ripped off, spending hours slaving away when I didn’t need to, but of course, you soon learn. What I did find though that sometimes charging a little less when actively seeking out a new area in which to write, worked well. I will give you an example. Many years ago, I was working as a writer/trainer and had been quietly chalking up published writing credits in my free time. In the health arena, I could command a decent rate and I had credits to prove it. Then one day I spotted an ad for someone wanting martial arts articles and the price per article was lower than my usual rate but, I really wanted to get the job. I love martial arts and in my youth, yes, many, many, many years ago, I used to belong to a martial arts club and seriously lived and breathed it. So, writing about it was for me an enjoyable venture.

Writing was not my main income but it enabled me to have a good quality of life and I got to cherry-pick the work I did. It was great. I got the job writing 10 articles and even though, I charged a bit less than for my health articles, it was worth it for me. I hasten to add it was not the 1 USD per article rate that I rant about.  Dropping my rates worked at that point because the client loved my enthusiasm and the quality of work and I received a great deal of work from him for over a year. That one little job really boost my income in the coming months and I went on to write about topics that I didn’t even know anything about. It was great for me as I built credits up in a lot of new areas and, I got good pay as the time went on and great feedback.

Sometimes, I can see how writing for a little less can be  a good thing. But it is important that you always aim for a healthy budget if you are freelancing. Do what feels right for you, unless it is working for next to nothing. Stop it. Think about your end goal and the time it takes you to do a job. Even now, I miscalculate the length of time for a particular job. So learn from  your mistakes but always tell yourself what your financial writing goals are and work steadily towards them.

If you are a low budget freelance writer, re-evaluate today. You don’t need to be. I know that writing is a competitive world at the moment but there is good paid work out there. Sometimes you need to consider your options. What are your areas of expertise? Write about those and carve out a nice little niche for yourself. Have several areas of expertise? Great. Two areas where you can earn extra money.

No-one should have to have a low wage and just scrape through but I am a firm believer that you create your own opportunities. Don’t just rely on job sites, get the word out there about your skills and back it up with quality writing. If you can’t write well, then get out of the freelance writing game. Don’t muddy the water for those who need to earn a living from the written word. Instead, learn the craft, take a writing course, study, write, study until you are proficient. Then come back and test the waters.

This way, you can command a healthy wage and actually enjoy the whole writing experience.

Writing Professionally – Have Some Self-Respect

Editor, Author Annette YoungI have been writing professionally for many years. My first tentative steps into the creative writing and freelance writing arena taught me a lot. It taught me that this is a tough profession with ever-increasing demands but as such, you have to treat it like any other work stream and you have a pride in your work. Work hard, work smart and be professional.

Over the years I have noticed a decline in the respect that writers give their work, and worse, a decline in the respect given to professional writers by clients. Quite simply, it makes my blood boil because we, (professional writers everywhere) have collectively allowed it to happen. If you have some skills as a writer, you should get paid for your work. It’s that simple.

I am not talking about people who write creatively because they just love the written word. I am not talking about those who are trying to build up their brand as a writer and dipping a toe in the professional writing arena, and I am not talking about those who are creating their own websites and producing content for it. I worked hard and without pay on my creative competitor site in the early days, but that was for my own purpose. I am talking about those who provide a professional service for clients, writing articles, web content, eBooks or even creative writing.

I am seriously sickened by the fact that writers work for peanuts or less.

If it’s their choice because they wish to target a new niche to add to their writing portfolio, well, ok, sometimes it is a stepping stone. But I am seeing writers accepting 1 USD for a 500 word article.

1 USD for a professional article?

Now, granted, many of these writers are living in countries where the conversion rate is so much better, and for any writer living in an Eastern country, 1 USD is worth vastly more than 1 USD for American, Canadian and British writers or in fact, anywhere where the conversion rate is small. But even so, it belittles the job. I know that financially times are tough, but we have to turn this tide around. Don’t betray your professionalism just for the sake of picking up a job where the client does not appreciate or value your worth. It’s the principle that I am getting at.

I’m a professional writer but I also have a long list of academic qualifications in addiction and stress management and even as a professional, I was offered 3 USD an hour to write a book on stress management. Needless to say, I turned it down rapidly. I am sure the client found someone willing to do it for peanuts but for that amount of money, I really hope he didn’t get a professional writer. I just want ALL writers to get paid for a decent job.

I may be using this as a platform to rant but come on, writers worldwide, let’s unite. We all have to take work that is paid less than what we think it is worth sometimes. Hell, I’d happily double my rates, but as long as I have a fair price for my work, that’s fine. But, unless as writers collectively, we say no to low paid jobs, this industry is going to truly crumble. We all have to live and we should aim for quality of life, not merely scraping by on the basics that clients are prepared to give us.

There is a minimum hourly wage for workers in Britain and yet I know some professional writers who don’t even get that. Writers – I don’t care where you come from, or what your circumstances are, if you can write and with quality, get paid properly. Why work like a slave to achieve a basic wage? Ask for $10 or $15 for a short article at least and get 15 x the money for the same job. Take some time out then with your family, have a quality of life,  but above all, get some self-respect. Show that you care about your writing and you have faith in yourself. Up your rates and sell yourself through your words, not through a pitiful proposal. Get repeat custom by doing a good job, show that you are worthy of a decent paycheck.

Once upon a time, writing was a revered industry, now those days are gone, and sadly, we are letting it.

Silence Self-Limitations

screwed up paperby Annette Young

We are all guilty of allowing self-limitations to hold us back. We might not think about them, we might not even want to admit that we hold back from our creative dreams but the chances are that these self-limitations perform a stranglehold on our publishing aspirations.

I know I was guilty of this when I picked up my first professional writing job many years ago. I kept looking at the project overview and experienced real moments of panic wondering why on earth I had said I could write. At that moment, my instinct was to backtrack from the project quickly and to tell the client I could not do it. Fighting back those feelings of doubt, I managed to start and finish the project and yes, I even enjoyed it.

Thank goodness I managed to silence my own self-doubts and banished those self-limiting thoughts because my life would have been very different I think if I had not persevered.

So if you think that you might be guilty of not going all out for your publishing dream, you may be wondering what you can do to overcome these inner shackles.

1. Imagine how productive you might be if you could approach every writing project with supreme confidence and to know that you could not fail. Although even the most professional and successful of writers have doubts, they don’t let those insecurities stop them from relishing their creative moments.

2. You might want to be a writer, but are you really passionate and totally committed to your writing? If yes, it is easier to just enjoy the creative process and to worry later. To be successful, you have to be prepared to just go for it and this means making mistakes and learning from them.

3. Do you believe that you could be a successful writer? You might know that there are grounds for improvement, but deep down, can you picture the moment you gain publication or win a writing competition? You need to keep that image dangling in front of you as it will keep you striving forward.

4. Plan your writing times wisely. Work at those times when you feel the most creative but make no mistake, you have to be able to channel your creative thoughts at times which become available to  you suddenly. If you can do this, you will also sharpen your mindset and really start to believe in yourself.

5. The next time that you start to doubt yourself, write down all the reasons why you want to be a writer. When you have finished, write down all the reasons why you might not want to write and the chances are that one word will be prevalent – fear. The best way to deal with fear is to acknowledge it and to face it head on. It is the best way to silence those self-limitations.


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Quick Rules for Freelance Writing Success

If you are looking to break into freelance writing – whether on a full-time or part-time basis, there are some important characteristics that the top freelancers all share. If you can take into account and adopt some of these characteristics into your own writing, then you will stand a much better chance at becoming successful and earning money from your writing.

1. A professional writer writes every single day. They make time to write. Even if they are not working on a paid for project, writers still find a creative pursuit, perhaps updating their website, writing a new blog post or searching for new paid writing projects.

2. A dedicated writer learns how to study freelance markets and analyses publications thoroughly before attempting to write for them. A successful writer checks out the editorial calenders to know just when is the best time to ‘pitch’ any ideas.

3. Writing a winning proposal or query letter is vital if you wish to get jobs. Knowing how to hook that editor or potential client makes the difference between winning and losing a writing project.

Want to read the rest of these 10 top tips for freelancing success? Head over to our membership section and have the latest newsletter  sent directly to you.

Create the Writing Life You Want

By Marg McAlister

Ah, writing. For those of us who love to play with words, it’s like standing in front of a smorgasbord, agonizing over which delicacies to try. You can potter about with your writing as a thoroughly delightful hobby – writing wedding speeches, penning dreadful doggerel for people’s birthdays, or writing stories to entertain your children. Or you can work at it, hour after hour, determined that your book is going to be the next bestseller. You can choose the writing life that’s perfect for you now, then change direction later, as your circumstances change and your experience grows.


I’m going to work on an assumption here – that you actually like writing. (I can’t imagine any other reason you’d be reading this article. If you don’t like to write, why are you being such a masochist? There are thousands of other jobs out there that will suit you better. Stop reading this and go find one.) So, given that you like to write, you should now ask yourself: ‘Do I like writing enough to do it full time, or do I want to keep it as a hobby?’

If you just want to keep it as a hobby, then you are relieved of a number of ‘duties’ already. Since it’s a hobby, you don’t have to earn money. You don’t have to please editors. You don’t have to be published. You can scribble in faint grey pencil on a table napkin if you want – nobody else has to read it. And best of all, you don’t ever have to write anything except what you want to write!


Most of us are not in that situation. We either want to write as a paid hobby (which might also be known as ‘part time writing’) or we want to work towards a full time career. Let’s look at ‘part time writing’ first, and assume that you wouldn’t mind being paid for what you do. (At least in kind – a free book or meal in exchange for your carefully produced text.) If you want to be paid, then you are faced with a certain set of responsibilities. You have to make sure that the person paying you can read your work, so faint grey pencil is out. In fact, it’s very likely that good clear word processing is in.

Hmmm… this is beginning to sound expensive. Suddenly it’s taking money to make money. You have to invest in your career – in the form of hardware and software and consumables. You have to think about GST and that means a business name. Your part time writing career might take up more time, and cost more money, than you had expected.


But wait… you have more decisions to make. Are you going to concentrate on just one kind of writing (say, writing short stories for popular magazines) or are you going to peddle your words in any way that will bring in cash?

There are lots of people out there who require writers. They need wordsmiths to write their 21st birthday party speeches, or to put together smart resumes and application letters, or to create snappy promotional material for their business flyers. If you’re happy enough to do all of these things and more, then you can certainly generate a part-time (or even full-time) income. Of course, you may have to advertise, and obtain business cards, and that costs more money… but don’t worry: the better you become at what you do, the more your clients will do your advertising for you. (“Oh, you must get so and so to do your flyer; she’s really good…”)


Time to move on to the Serious Writer. Serious Writers come in two flavours: the ones who want to write the Great Australian Novel (or win one of the major literary awards for novels) and disdain networking, marketing, self-promotion and all those mundane things.

They are passionately committed to writing literary fiction, and if it takes twenty or forty years of living off relatives or typing at night after their day job, then so be it. Some of these Serious Writers can write like angels and will undoubtedly achieve what they want. Others never mix with anybody else and have no idea that their work is substandard or boring until they get their first rejection. (They may not realise even when they get their hundredth rejection.)


The other kind of Serious Writer is the one who is determined to make a success of writing, investing as much time, energy and cash as is needed. He is happy to network and talk to clients or editors and other writers. Sometimes this becomes a broad-based writing career – this person just loves words and crafting finished pieces of writing, whether it’s fiction, non-fiction or promotional material. He is happy to be writing – any kind of writing!

Not everyone is happy to write whatever puts bread on the table. Some writers are content to do an assortment of fiction (mainstream, romances, or romantic intrigue, for example) or to target one specific genre – say speculative fiction – in both short and long formats. They spend time tracking down other aspiring writers in these genres, swap stories of near-misses and ‘good and bad’ rejections, and share the jubilation of finally getting a ‘yes’. If you are determined to write only what you want to write, then don’t give up your day job in a hurry – it might take a while and a few ‘practice books’ to get your first acceptance.

What you can do, right now, is determine the writing life you want-and start working towards it. Begin by asking yourself the ten questions below.


Would I rather do any kind of writing than do other work? (If the answer is ‘yes’, and you know you handle words with creativity whether you’re writing a short story or a letter to the bank, then a multi-faceted writing career might suit you.)

Can I identify a range of writing that I would be happy to attempt? Is there a need for this writing? Can I provide a special service, or target a niche market?

What kind of books do I like to read? Are these the kinds of books I’d enjoy writing?

How much money do I need to spend on equipment or resources to start a writing business? If I haven’t got this money, how long will it take me to save it or obtain it?

How many hours can I devote to writing?

Do I need a separate office and phone line, or can I share a computer with the family?

What other commitments do I have? What other demands are there on my time?

If I could choose any kind of writing at all to do, what would it be? Can I work towards this, even if I can’t spend all my time on it now?

Do I have a network of supportive people – friends, family and other writers – to help me achieve what I want? If I don’t, can I find these people?

What can I do RIGHT NOW to set my writing career in motion, or to start moving in the direction I really want?

(c) Copyright Marg McAlister

Marg McAlister has published magazine articles, short stories, books for children, ezines, promotional material, sales letters and web content. She has written 5 distance education courses on writing, and her online help for writers is popular all over the world. Sign up for her regular writers’ tipsheet at

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Blogger Needed is looking for a blog writer for the city of Los Angeles. Write about your favorite places to eat/ drink/ and sightsee.

Each blog only has to be 150 words.

Compensation: $10 per post

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Bad Ass Blogger

If you are a hard worker that likes to read, write, and edit then you’re what I’m looking for.

Likely you’re a recent graduate or get satisfaction working with the written word. If not then 🙁

It is very critical that you are EXTREMELY reliable, proactive, have a smart phone or ability to respond to emails within 24 hours and have a positive no-excuse attitude. (Please do not apply if you are not all 4) (WOW! That was a super long sentence.)

Types of jobs:

– Scouring the news/news feeds/blogs to find interesting stories.
– Daily writing/summarizing of said news stories.^^
– Editing content and posting it to blog(s).
– Making jokes.
– Re-writing already existing content.
– Helping SEOing various pieces of content.

Compensation: $23-$26,000 per year

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Movie and Sports Fans Wanted

Are you a journalist or a columnist? Are you a Blogger or a message board junkie? Are you a true sports fan? Do you Love movies? If you answer yes to any of these questions, you can write for the All star Bloggers network.
Your columns will be seen by literally thousands of sports fans. We also have partnered with several media websites, including Sports Illustrated and Entertainment Weekly.

Not a big sports fan? That’s okay to we have a department that just handles New Movie reviews.

You must be a resident of Los Angeles to apply.

Compensation: $300-$500 week

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Creative Circle CopyWriter

Position: Copywriter – Fashion – Great Long-Term Freelance Gig!
Location: San Gabriel Valley
Status: Freelance/ Potential Full Time
Estimated Duration: Ongoing
Starts: This Week or Next
Rate: around $40/per hour DOE

Job Description:
Fashion company is seeking a copywriter to write product copy and website landing page copy.

Fashion experience is mandatory, ideally with a contemporary fashion line.

Please send us your writing samples that embraces a California-Chic vibe.

Compensation: Not stated

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Academic Freelance Writers Wanted

At Student Network Resources Inc., we are searching for freelance writers who can create term paper and essay examples for high school and college students. The students will use these templates as a guideline/reference for writing their own term paper or essay. We do not exist to help students cheat and we forbid our customers to turn in these example papers for academic credit. Furthermore, our customers are required to sign a legal binding contract that they will be using the materials we provide for their correct legal purposes.

We provide term paper templates on all subject matters and levels. The more subjects you feel comfortable writing about, the more money you can earn. We also provide resumes, college entrance essays, outlines, power point presentations, extensive editing, and dissertation examples.

The potential to earn serious income is real. Most of our full time writers earn up to $1400 per week, during our peak months! We pay our writers on a per page basis, between $10 – $13 per page (300 words), not including bonuses that we offer on specific more difficult orders.

Compensation: up to $13 per page

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Seeking Passionate Music Writers

LA Music Blog, an LA-based music website, is seeking new contributing writers based in the Los Angeles/Hollywood area.

We are looking for people with a passion for music and a desire to grow with the company.

As a multi-genre music site, we prefer people who love a wide variety of music rather than just one genre.

So what are we looking for in a writer? Here are a few details to help you out:

– Professionalism and reliability are a must.
– We don’t require experience, but passion, drive, and a love of writing & music are required.
– Writers must have reliable internet and phone service.

Compensation: No Financial Payment

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Business Blog Writer

Our company is looking for a well followed blog writer or a writer with a well established Twitter follower. We are interested in have writers contribute to our site, we receive over 20million unique visitors per month. Our site is geared towards Small Business owners and professionals. The post will consist of expert advice on different business related topics as well as event-driven topics. The length of each post will be 500-600 words. We will require a minimum of 1 post per week. We will work together to come up with the article topics.

Compensation: $50-$150 per post

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Travel and Community Writer

Mobile application startup is looking for people passionate about the neighborhoods where they live, work or grew-up.

We are on a mission to document personal stories that set your neighborhood apart.  Those tiny details in a giant city that are otherwise washed away or lost to memory.

Have you found something, small or large, that sits unspoken or forgotten in some corner of Boston that you think deserves a moment to shine?

Compensation: Fixed Price

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Writing Jobs 27/01/2012

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Professional Writer

Looking for a professional writer who can meet deadlines. Please only respond to this email with the following:

1. Samples of Previous work
2. A real name
3. Include rates

Compensation: To be discussed

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Online Writers

Build your writing career! continues to grow rapidly. As a result, we need to add to our existing pool of writers.
In summary, here are some of the benefits of working with us.

*Write for hundreds of websites, through one interface.

*Get a byline for your work.

Compensation: Varies

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Humorous Photography Blogger

WonderHowTo seeks community leader / admin to head up a WonderHowto micro-site (utilizing our platform called “Worlds”) that is centered around taking and posting funny photos. He or she will lead weekly contests, post funny pics of the day and solicit the community to join in. Candidate must have strong writing skills, be naturally social online, and be capable of excelling at the following tasks:

-Quick to discover the most hilarious photos, memes, etc online

-Come up with original concepts for humorous photo-based contest, with accompanying how-to’s

-Bringing in new community members through various promotional/ social strategies

Compensation: $250 week

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Senior Copywriter

Our client, a high-end, global, luxury brand is currently looking for a SR. COPYWRITER to join their editorial team for an upcoming freelance project!

The ideal candidate will work directly with the Editor and Chief of the online platform in creating e-newsletters for their patrons. You MUST understand how to write for the web and “delight” and “surprise” readers from your content. You should have impeccable spelling and grammar and should be comfortable with both long-form and short-form writing.

Fashion and luxury experience is a MUST for this role and any experience writing in the Queen’s English is a huge plus!

Compensation: To be discussed

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Senior Editor Required

THE FEATHERED is a new, online, quarterly literary eZine that accepts submissions (essays and fiction 500-3000 words) from writers 60 and older.

Compensation: $1000 quarterly

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DOTmed News is seeking a reporter for an in-house position for our online and print news. Individuals applying for the position need not have a health care background, but should definitely have a drive to excel, an insatiable curiosity about new topics, a willingness to be a team player and the ability to deal with high pressure situations.

Individuals applying for this position should have writing experience and hold at least a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field. They should have an attention to detail, have strong interpersonal skills and be well-spoken. Of course, writing ability should be well-developed. Candidates should also be familiar with AP style.

Compensation: $35000 annually

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Contributing Writers

Looking for writers to contribute to a new online publication – 350-600 words per article. Topics revolve around Style (for men); Tech/Gadgets; Entertainment; Art/Design.
The vibe we are going for is GQ meets Reddit. The target audience is basically well-socialized manly geeks. We are not Brooklyn-centric but we do live and work here so a little bit of that filters through.

Compensation: Negotiable

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Information Newsletter Editor

Editor wanted to research and locate “closeouts” on the Web, then compile a list of these closeouts (each closeout should be different, from all types of industries, with no duplication). These closeouts will then be assembled into a list showing a brief description of the closeout, pricing, the seller’s name, address, phone number, website. 200+ listings to start.

Compensation: Not stated

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Full-Time Legal Writers

We are a Legal Technology Company looking for qualified individuals who have an excellent grasp of the English language and grammar. Candidates must have the ability to present legal issues and topics in a clear, logical and concise form. Individuals must be detail-oriented, reliable, highly motivated and has a strong interest in writing, along with superior research skills. Candidates must have a BA from an accredited University, a WPM of at least 70, and experience in writing and be well- familiarized with Microsoft Word and Excel. All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply to this position.

Compensation: $30,000 a year

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Blogger Wanted

We are seeking a blogger. We have 50 different blogs related to blind and visually impaired people. The task is to add one unique well written post to each of the blogs once a week every week. Each post needs to be 300 words. You may work offsite for this effort.

Compensation: Not discussed

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Writing Jobs 20/01/2012

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Entertainment Bloggers and Guest Bloggers

Starpulse is currently looking for creative bloggers and guest bloggers with social network skills to join our contributing writer network. We are looking for writers who can inform, report, enlighten, give thoughtful analysis, entertain our readers and start conversations. It is also important that you are able to promote your articles through social networks.

Does your blog or writing need exposure? Are you looking to increase your credibility and worth as a writer or journalist? Are you just passionate about entertainment? If so, Starpulse could be the platform you’re looking for.

Millions of visitors come to Starpulse every month to check out entertainment news and editorial from our in-house editors and contributing writers. We need writers like YOU to bring your own unique contribution and voice to our growing audience.

Compensation; None

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Newsletter/ Press Release Writer

We are an emerging global leader in the OTR tire industry. We manufacture and supply tires to some of the world’s largest mining companies, Original Equipment Manufactures, and the newest mining companies in the global emerging markets.

Job Description:

We are currently searching to fill a position for a Part Time to Full Time candidate who can assist us in news releases, media pitches, blog posts, newsletter articles, Web content, and other press materials as appropriate. The content will consists of employee announcements, organizational changes, company events and a variety of other internal and external communications that are critical. We are looking for a Candidate with exceptional writing and editing skills! The right candidate will be an innovative thinker, professional, outgoing, willing to work hard and interactive with gathering correct information from various sources. Please submit your resume along with previous writing sample.

Compensation: To be discussed

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Technical Grant Writer

We are a company that develops innovative tools to improve language access in the healthcare field. We are seeking a bright, motivated individual with a strong background in grant writing. The candidate should also have an interest in public health, the social service aspect of the healthcare industry, healthcare technology and familiarity with social and behavioral research. Specific tasks include:
• Writing and editing multiple NIH grant proposals;
• Conducting secondary research on the techHealth IT, language access issue in healthcare, while also identifying solutions and best practices for communication

Compensation: Hourly

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Short Stories/Fiction

Looking for self published and established writers to market your pre-edited books/short stories. Subject matter has to deal with African American fiction/non-fiction.

Compensation; Commission Structure

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Automotive / Technology Writer

If you have 10W-30 in your veins, writing on your mind, and know your way around the smartphone in your pocket, you might just be the writer we need for the automotive section at our consumer electronics website.

We’re US-based online tech and lifestyle magazine covering everything electronic — from the latest Apple iPad developments to innovations in the world of hybrid-electric vehicles. Our content spans from news, expert analysis and guides to in-depth reviews.

Right now, we’re looking to expand our automotive content with a freelance writer who can contribute a handful of articles daily on the latest in the car world. Since our site primarily covers technology, we need someone with a background in tech who can cover the intersection where cars meet gadgets: electric cars, GPS systems, innovative new electronic safety systems, autonomous cars, etc. And let’s be honest: While a tech angle is always in the back of our heads, we’re suckers for “just plain cool,” too.

Compensation; $15 per post

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Fun Writer Needed for Training Series

Need a quick, clever writer with experience writing textbooks or how-to guides to revamp a seven-part training module series. Content is for individuals looking to kick-start a small business in photo organizing–from starting an LLC, to working with clients, to the basic tenets of album design and layout.

Compensation; $3000 for the project

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Content Writer (NJ)

Content writer is needed for a full time job working on various projects from Edison NJ office. This is a full time job and you will be required to work 40 hours a week. If you have experience with social media and SEO is a big plus.

Compensation: Not stated

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Pinchit Seeks Writer

Pinchit is still seeking a brilliant writer to lead curation of its crowd-sourced editorial that unearths the best local experiences in New York

You will write city discovery articles to be featured on the front page of our website for over 100K local members, build a following of thousands of members, get exclusive invites to pop-up dinners and events with local movers and shakers, and build out a world-class team of writers that work together writing articles on the best local experiences. This is an incredible opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a hot startup with rapid growth backed by investors including DFJ and a Facebook Cofounder.

Compensation:Not stated

Find our more;


Blogging Intern for Hot News/Entertainment Site

Seeking creative, sharp and enthusiastic writers for our hugely popular site – WIDK.COM

If you are interested in gaining experience, having a chance to get your name out in public – for a large and growing audience – and enjoying
posting unusual and fun articles, this might be a great opportunity for you.

The creators of this blog are entertainment industry legends that you will learn a great deal from.

The position is flexible in terms of hours and can be done either from your home or at our office.

Compensation: Not Paid

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Freelance Education/Grant Writers

Freelance Grant Writers for K-8 Educational Publisher

Benchmark Education (BEC) is an educational publisher in the fields of reading, English Language Learning, science, social studies, and math with a national presence. Please visit our website at:

BEC has an immediate need for free-lance grant writers. Applicants must have experience with K-8 curriculum in the areas of reading, language arts, and/or English Language Learning, at least three years experience in writing a variety of grants for education purposes, professional experience or education in teaching beginning reading, and knowledge/use of assessment, data, and school test scores.

Responsibilities include:

• Develop grant proposals including identification of needs, development of SMARTT goals and objectives, incorporation of applicable research and citations, project descriptions, program evaluation, etc.
• Use and interpretation of school test scores, relevant data, and sources of assessment
• Provide high-quality editing and proofing of grant proposals–must be able to proof and edit while writing
• Maintain positive communication with BEC
• Develop awareness of BEC product

Compensation: Not stated

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Writing Jobs 13/01/2012

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Freelance Copywriter

Rapidly growing restaurant group is looking for experienced freelance copy writer. Writer needs to have an understanding and appreciation for food, wine, and the NYC restaurant scene. Must be able to deliver a message and entice the consumer in a concise and effective manner. Experience in writing for eCommerce sites, hospitality industry, etc. preferred. Great opportunity to make extra money outside of a full time job!

Compensation: Not stated

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Blogging Interns

Seeking creative, sharp and enthusiastic writers for our popular site – WIDK.COM

If you are interested in gaining experience, having a chance to get your name out in public – for a large and growing audience – and enjoying
posting unusual and fun articles, this might be a great opportunity for you.

The creators of this blog are entertainment industry legends that you will learn a great deal from.

The position is flexible in terms of hours and can be done either from your home or at our office.

Compensation: Non Paid

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Get Published in a Book

Did you ever want to see your name in print as a published Author ?

We now are accepting Fiction Survival Stories for our upcoming book We Survived – Yellowstone
Min of 1,200 to Max 9,000 words.

If your story is chosen for the book you will be paid $25.00 and receive a free copy of the book.

Compensation: $25 if chosen

Find out more here:


Seeking Writer/Photographer NYC

We are a young start-up in the shopping guide space focusing on the best independent retailers in New York City, Vienna, Barcelona and London, with Paris and Berlin underway. We cover a curated selection of stores with a lot of variety ranging from fashion boutiques, to bookstores, to butchers.

We are looking for freelance contributors in New York to:

Make appointments and a conduct interviews with shops (store-owners) and write reviews of the stores based on the interview.
(Compensation per review is $25, compensation for scheduling appointments is separate, depending on volume.)

Compensation: $ 25

Find out more here:


Medical Copywriter

At evoke interaction we are looking for uniquely talented individuals that combine intelligence and experience with drive and passion for what they do. It is our goal to provide our people with the best possible support and environment to grow and thrive. Our culture is entrepreneurial embracing yet not stifling. We work hard because we love what we do. We believe strongly in intelligent innovation.

Your role as a Medical Copywriter:

As a Medical Copywriter at evoke, you will play a fundamental role in the content strategy and development process. Your job will be to develop compelling content, creative concepts and copy designed for interactive advertising and marketing materials. You will work closely with the Creative team, designers, information architects and account and Production teams, as well as editorial support staff.

Compensation: Not stated

Find out more here:


Senior Editor

CFO Publishing is an award-winning media business that reaches over 400,000 corporate executives in the United States.

It all starts with an audience of engaged decision makers who turn to CFO for information, insight, and advice. Across an array of industries, senior finance executives trust CFO Publishing to provide tools in print, online, and through conferences and research that help them lead their companies and ultimately be successful in a changing marketplace.


CFO Publishing seeks an experienced, versatile business journalist to cover the many challenges and opportunities facing senior finance executives at companies of all sizes. Responsibilities include conceiving, reporting, and writing a range of stories (news, news analysis, and features) on topics of relevance to both global and small/midsized businesses. Online experience is essential, as is the ability to meet daily deadlines. The Senior Editor will also recruit and edit guest columnists, blog, manage an e-newsletter, and develop related forms of digital content. Experience in using a content management system is a plus, as is experience in moderating panels and Webcasts, conducting video interviews, and comfort with the full spectrum of social media.

Compensation: Not stated

Find out more here:


Writing Intern (Chelsea)

Ideal Candidate:

• A SUPERSTAR — someone who is ready to give their all and show us what you got!
• A recent or soon-to-be college or university graduate who is interested in exploring the world of branding and advertising through hands-on experience in a fast-paced agency environment.
• Available for full-time work; however, part-time until summer/graduation is possible.
• Some general office/administrative experience is preferred.
• Committed and hard-working–a team player who wants to work in a fun, creative, and entrepreneurial environment and is eager to take on responsibility to learn as much as possible about the business and gain experience in the industry.
• Must have strong creative writing skills and an understanding of how to write advertising copy.
• Able to multi-task many projects and “do what it takes” to see a task through to the end.
• Conceptual thinkers and creative problem solving skills are a must!
• Strong interest and awareness of brands (especially style-driven brands) and cultural trends.

Compensation: Unpaid

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News Blogger/Staff Writer

The Village Voice has an immediate opening for a full time blogger at our news blog, Runnin’ Scared. We are looking for an experienced reporter with excellent writing skills and the news sense for nimble and creative blog coverage of the city in multiple stories a day.

Compensation: Competitive

Find out more here:


Freelance Book Editor (NYC)

Substantive edit needed to get memoir ready for publishing and sale to both on line and in brick and mortar stores The goal is to maintain and enhance the author’s voice while creating a great reading experience. Following are examples of the primary issues you would address: With editorial work to address issues of structure, pacing, repetition, and tone, we believe the book will have strong market potential.The purpose of this substantive editing would be to improve the flow of the prose and the reader’s engagement with the text by improving clarity and adjusting paragraphs and sentences as necessary to eliminate awkward phrasing and construction. Occasionally, the editor may recommend adjustments to the plot line or a character element.

Compensation: To be determined

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Writing Jobs 06/01/2012

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Good luck.


A new news site is looking for content writers in the various fields: business,finance, politics, sport and technology.

-write 300+ original content

Compensation: $10 per post

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Entertainment Blogger

A new entertainment blog is looking for contributing writers in the British region particularly UK . We are looking for someone who knows his whereabouts in the celebrity and entertainment world.

Compensation; $6 per post

Find out more here:


Writing Coach

Writing coach needed to help self publishing author with her next fiction novel. Must urban fiction and literature.

Compensation: To be discussed

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Managing Editor and Writer

We are seeking a full-time senior writer and managing editor for Social Intelligence, a proprietary newsletter on social, generational, and demographic trends. This is a chance to be part of a small, dynamic, idea-oriented research and consulting firm that produces high-level conceptual tools on generational change for decision makers in business, entertainment, government, and education. Because we are a small and growing firm, the managing editor may also have the opportunity to help create and oversee new research and publication offerings. We are looking for someone with a passion both for thinking, writing, and journalism–and for developing and managing a smart team.

Compensation: Commensurate

Find out more:


Social Media Writer

Marketing agency needs a talented social media writer who can write and place articles & P.R. in online outlets and manage – promote postings for FaceBook, Twitter & blogs, Google search. Part-time freelance basis. Must have great writing skills –

Compensation: Hourly or per Project

Find out more;


Blogger Required

We are looking for Journalist/content writers to contribute for our new news site
-write about current news affairs (local+international)
-be able to write 250+ original words
-start up rates is $10 per article but will increase gradually

Compensation: $10 +

Find out more here:


Finance Blogger

I’m looking for a little part-time help with blog posts on a personal finance blog. You don’t need to be a finance expert, but you should have some experience writing and be able to provide samples.

Compensation: Pay to be discussed

Find out more:


Copywriters Needed

Strong copywriters needed for the new year. Be a part of history and write for a vibrant and exciting organization!

Looking for experienced copywriters with marketing copywriting experience.
Should have a wealth of experience in writing clever, compelling, branded web copy ·

Compensation: Not stated

Find out more:


Contract Writer AD/CD Expert

A newsletter publisher specializing in international trade news is looking for a part-time contract writer who has expertise in Antidumping and Countervailing duty notices that are published in the Federal Register. This position is ideal for an individual who has worked at the International Trade Administration. The writing entails summarizing AD and CV notices that appear in the Federal Register according to a company style format. Candidates must have familiarity and have worked with antidumping and countervailing investigations and reviews. Do not reply to this ad if you do not have any knowledge.

Compensation: To be discussed

Find out more:


Editorial Postition

The Chronicle of the Horse is currently looking to add to our editorial team.

Since 1937, the Chronicle has been an industry leader in sport horse news, results and information. Currently, the editorial team at the Chronicle is responsible for content across three products–a weekly magazine, daily website and monthly digital publication.

The right candidate for the job will have a passion for covering equestrian news to the highest standard. In-depth knowledge about the sports we cover and strong writing skills are a must. Experience in editing, proof reading and equestrian photography preferred. Web skills a bonus. Applicants should be hard working, detail-oriented, deadline driven and have experience in equestrian journalism or a related field.

Compensation: To be discussed

Find out more;









Writing Jobs 23/12/2011

If you fancy picking up a nice writing job before Christmas, then here is your chance…..

Creative and Computer Savvy Writer

Small office in Midtown in need of a technology-savvy writer for medium-term assignment. Must be technically knowledgeable and be able to handle a variety of miscellaneous tasks. Part of the writing will be for a technical trade show and part will be technical.

Skills helpful in this position are:
– excReal Estate Finance Writersellent writing skills

– tolerance for stupid questions
– anally detail-oriented
– science background

Compensation; $15 per hour

Find out more here;



Job Description:
Our client, an interactive advertising agency is looking for a freelance COPYWRITER (Pharma) for an upcoming project.

To be considered for this position you MUST have experience working on pharma campaigns. Consumer pharma with advertising background is IDEAL as you will be working a specific banner project.

Compensation; Not stated

Find out more;

You MUST have experience writing full campaigns and DIGITAL experience is a HUGE plus!


Real Estate Finance Writers

Writers with expertise in residential and commercial real estate finance are being sought for free-lance assignments. Please forward C.V. and links to your published writing.

Compensation; Not stated

Find out more;


Technical Writer

Technical Writer:
1. Write programming & installation manuals for custom installers of consumer electronic products by reviewing engineering documents & interviewing engineers & product development personnel.
2. Research & organize material & complete writing assignments according to established standards regarding order, clarity, conciseness, style & terminology.
3. Create (or select from existing) diagrams, photographs, drawings, sketches & charts to illustrate the operation of the products.
4. Outline need for graphical illustrations & create basic sketch for graphic artists to work from.
5. Maintain records & files of work & revisions.

Compensation: To be discussed

Find out more:


Blogger/ Writer for Media Website

Looking to hire an active Blogger/Writer for a media based website. Must have prior experience writing and editing articles. Job consists of refreshing daily blog posts, news feeds etc.

Please reply back with a brief description of yourself, a recent picture and a contact number where you can be reached.

Compensation: Not stated

Find out more:


Hipolitics Content Fellow Writer

We have recently launched Hipolitics — part media brand, part social movement — inspired by a new generation of young people who demand a new approach to politics and have an appreciation for cutting-edge culture from around the world.
Using new technology, captivating content, and perceptive personality, Hipolitics delivers an entirely new kind of politics, in a style and manner unlike anything else out there. With the 2012 U.S. election just around the corner, Hipolitics will be the place where young people are generating news, information, and opinions in a hip, organized, and sophisticated fashion.

Our beta site has just been launched, which is available via signup at:

Compensation; Per published post

Find out more;


Writer Needed to Create a Blog

Newly launched business looking for copywriter. Work from home

You will need outstanding writing skills, have a degree in English/Journalism/Advertising and a passion for finance, small business and sports.

You will develop blogs and articles for the company social media sites.

We are a company that specialize in small business turnarounds an alternatives to bankruptcy. We are looking for someone who has the ability to draw comparisons with sports and business. You would need to be a keen American sport follower and current with it’s affairs. More importantly someone who knows small business and how the different business moves make the differences, just like sports. You need to be able to find the underdog, recognize what they are doing to succeed and again draw the comparisons.



Guest Blog for OWS

Are you a blogger / writer who’s passionate about a political or social cause? (Occupy Wall Street Movement, gay marriage rights, sustainability…) We’re offering you a chance at some significant exposure. Here’s the deal:

Head to and join or create an “ology”, aka group, that’s all about your cause or passion. Invite 15 of your facebook friends to join using the handy invite feature. Post a passionate/witty/touching/hilarious piece in your ology. Be creative! Your post should be about 150 words and/or you can include a video blog or image.

Compensation; Not stated

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Writing Jobs 08/12/2011

Need to pick up an extra writing job or two? Take a look at our brand new list of writing jobs and take your pick. If you work as a freelance writer or would like to take your first steps into the freelance writing world, why not join our Premier1 Membership package where you get weekly writing jobs and much more sent directly to you…

Writer Needed (New York City)

Online New York City Lifestyle magazine seeking writers for the following sections: Entertainment: This section accepts ideas for reviews of the arts, music, tv, film and the web related to NYC.

Travel and Food in NYC; This section features a series of mini-reviews about various offbeat and trendy places to travel and eat in NYC featured in one maximum 600 words article.

Compensation: 0.15 per word

Find out more:


Music Researcher – Freelance

Nonprofit organization dedicated to music and social change has an IMMEDIATE need for a freelance researcher to complete the second phase of an exciting online project. To qualify, you must 1) be reasonably familiar with different music genres, 2) be a resourceful online researcher, 3) possess a strong vocabulary in order to produce song descriptions and searchable keywords. Work from home for a duration of two weeks.

Compensation: Negotiable entry level stipend

Find out more:


Political Comedy Writers (New York City)

We are looking for talented comedy writers to write for a political web site. This is a non-paid internship or independent contractor position, so you must really enjoy writing for the sake of writing. You will write 3-5 articles/week on a daily political news story and submit them online to
Here’s what we teach you:
how to write political comedy
how to research for writing political comedy
how to use a CMS and its plug-ins
how to use images
how a political comedy website is developed and maintained

If you are not in college, you may still apply for the position, but you will be an “Independent Contractor.”

Compensation: Not Stated

Find out more:


Web Writing and Blog Contribution

New York Habitat ( ), is an experienced International Real Estate & Travel Agency specialized in the Furnished Rental, Rooms to Rent, Bed & Breakfast and Vacation Rental markets in New YorkParisLondon and the South of France.

We are looking for motivated candidates interested in learning about Web Writing, and professional Blog and YouTube channel contribution.

Compensation: Unpaid

Find out more:


Writer for Blogs, Books and Video

2012 is around the corner! Are you ready for this amazing position & challenge? Let’s lay it out for you. . .. . .. Here is a sampling of your responsibilities:

1. Writing a daily blog post for a real estate INVESTMENT blog
2. Shooting, recording & uploading a daily video for a real estate INVESTMENT blog
3. Working on a book on the same subject
4. Writing a daily blog post for a SALES blog
5. Shooting, recording & uploading a daily video blog for the SALES blog
6. Working on a book on the same subject
7. Writing a daily blog post for a NON PROFIT blog
8. Shooting a daily video blog for the NON PROFIT blog
9. Working on a book on the same subject etc..


Compensation: $42000 year plus benefits

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Are you the Passionate Student Writer?

Are you are a motivated student writer interested in beauty and health related topics? Do you have a passion for marketing as well?
Do you love to play with words? Then we would love to have you in our team!

You will be writing creative copy (marketing and ad copy), as well as persuasive press releases, editorial articles to keep a readers attention. You love to write and are willing to learn more about sales copy writing.

We are a successful and fast growing internet marketing company based in Vancouver, looking for a sales copy or article student writer for our 3 online stores and a blog.
This position is for students or new graduates! We are NOT looking for Freelancers or ghost writers.

Compensation: Not specified

Find out more:


Writers Wanted for VZ Magazine

VZ magazine is a new music magazine covering Indie/Rock/Folk. We are looking for contributing writers to cover Album Reviews, News, Interviews, Blogs, & Concerts.

Compensation: Contributor

Find out more:


Freelance Job

If you want to work as a freelancer in media, all you need is a computer with internet conection. This is a part time job and you choose when and where you want to work. All languages are welcome and there are no fees involved.

Compensation: Ask for information

Find out more:


Static Caravan Contributors

I am looking for freelance writers, the topic is static caravan lifestyle and related technical topics.

I would like to build a relationship with one or two writers with the idea to eventually introduce a Themed Column . Looking for a writer with an engaging style, producing entertaining but informative reading. Also someone with the ability to produce technical content and translate it into an easy to understand while still informative style. This is a long term proposition.

Compensation: £15.00 per article

Find out more:








Why ‘Quitting’ Is Not a Dirty Word for Freelance Writers

By Greg C Walker

The word ‘quitter’ has such negative connotations. No one likes to be a quitter. It’s an insult to be called one. Quitting is weak, foolhardy, never in your best interests, something to avoid at all costs, blah, blah, blah…

And yet, for freelance writers, quitting can be a very liberating experience. I’d recommend trying it sometime.

I don’t mean you should quit writing. This job is too darn good for that. What I mean is that you should quit a client project every once in a while IF there is no point in you carrying on with it.

An Irrational Fear

I suffered from the irrational fear of quitting when I first started writing. I genuinely believed that I could never quit a job once I’d started work on it.

So when I was on my fourth rewrite for a client whose sole mission in life seemed to be to make my every waking hour a misery, I still could not do the gutsy thing and say, ‘Hey, you know what, this is just not worth my time’.

Don’t fall for it. Quit, and quit proudly. This is your life, your job, and you have to do what is right for you.

Here are four of the situations when you should not feel guilty about quitting a project right in the middle.

One: When You’re Dealing with a ‘Perfectionist’

If there is ever a client to avoid surely it is the ‘perfectionist’. Actually, they are not perfectionists at all, they just don’t know what it is they want, and they project their uncertainty onto you to make your life miserable.

Some clients will NEVER be happy. Learn that right now. Sometimes you will wonder whether they have ever got anything finished in their entire lives.

But don’t pity them. These people are playing with your time and your livelihood. They make you rewrite, then rewrite again, until you’ve rewritten it so many times you don’t know what you are trying to say any more.

They want this, they want that, then they change their mind and want something different.


Believe me, right now there is a fire taking hold three stories below you. You can jump out of the window now or wait until the fire is tickling your ankles.

My advice is to… well, you know what it is.

Get out while you can.

Yes, you’ll lose some money. But how many more hours will you have to work until the project is ‘just right’? What if they tell you after another week that they still don’t like it?

It’s better to cut your losses early on than to keep on working and losing even more hours of your time.

Two: When You’re Starting to Doubt the Depths of Their Pockets

This is the sort of project where everything is looking hunky-dory, things are going well, and you’re about halfway through when… suddenly you get an inkling that all is not well in your client’s account books.

Perhaps you have done a job for them before, invoiced them, but have yet to receive a payment. Maybe they have still not paid the 50% deposit you billed them for a few weeks ago and are continuing to come up with ever more elaborate excuses.

You finally ask yourself the big question: ‘Are they actually going to pay me?’

If it is a large project which you are going to have to spend many more on, you are perfectly entitled to hold off if you have serious doubts. If the payment you’re expecting fails to materialize, then don’t spend a second more of your time on the project.

You’re not writing as a hobby after all.

Three: When Your Client Reveals Their Dark Side

It’s sometimes hard to know exactly what sort of a person your client is, even when you meet them in person.

So when halfway through a project they ask you to do something that you are not happy about, it could be time to jump ship.

Maybe they want you to alter a product review so that it is saying something that is simply not true. Perhaps they want you to rewrite someone else’s content to make it ‘original’ (also known as ‘plagiarism’, ‘theft’, and a few other things).

Of course, they’ve conveniently left it to halfway through the project to tell you, hoping that you’re one of those writers who will feel pressurized to go on with the job because you’ve started.

My advice? Tell them that you do actually have standards, and that you’re not in the habit of breaking the law. Then quit.

Four: When a Job is Making You Miserable

For me, this one is key. To your overall health, happiness, and your reasons for becoming a freelance writer in the first place.

If you are really miserable in a project, for whatever reason, then you have to ask yourself why you are bothering with it.

You’re doing this job because you want to enjoy it, and although not every job is going to be great fun, ask yourself why it is making you miserable.

It’s likely that you’ve bitten off more than you can chew and you are concerned that you will not be able to do the job to a high standard, or maybe you have badly misjudged how long it will take you.

In this case, talk to your client. Tell them what’s wrong, and offer them a few alternatives, (such as paying you more to complete the project). But don’t feel bad about letting it go if you feel that it’s your only option.

You learn through your mistakes, and in time you will find it easier to pick your projects based on your capabilities.

Get Back the Power to Say ‘No’

There is too much fear out there that if you quit a job you are somehow a failure. But don’t worry about it. Always look at the circumstances of the project and consider the ramifications.

But if it looks like it makes better sense to quit, then that’s exactly what you should do.

Greg Walker is a freelance content writer who runs [], a website providing in-depth advice on how to start up a profitable freelance writing business from home, find more and better clients and live the life you’ve always wanted.

Article Source: [] Why ‘Quitting’ Is Not a Dirty Word for Freelance Writers

Image:© Doreen Salcher |

Writing Jobs 04/11/2011

Here we are again with yet more writing jobs. If there are any that appeal, then don’t delay as good writing jobs are snapped up quickly. If you would like even more writing markets and writing jobs, then sign up for our Premier1 membership which gives you  weekly job listings (not seen on the Creative Competitor) and masses of discounts aimed at the serious writer.

Copy Writer for Personal Ads (New York)

Person with good writing skills to write personal ads
Compensation: $15

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Online Travel Editor (Work from Home)

Successful online travel company is looking to hire a talented Online Editor for our blog.

You will be responsible for proof-reading, formatting and editing articles submitted by our team of Travel Writers

Compensation: $10 per edited article. 2-5 articles a week.

Find out more here:

Jewelry Writer Required

Jewelry Website seeks writer to assist/write content.
Seeking smart, creative, self starter to help company grow.

Compensation: Not disclosed

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Writer Needed for Health IT Newsletter

Skilled, experienced writer required to prepare copy for Newsletter. Skilled in page layout a plus. Must be knowledgable about healthcare reform issues. Must be able to create ENGAGING content. Portfolio to be reviewed.

Compensation: Not disclosed

Find out more here:

Blog about the Local Food Movement

We’re only 3 months old, but we have tons of potential. We’re seeking a Lead Editor for the blog. Our goal is to become the ‘go-to’ blog for people interested in local food, urban farming, and sustainable business.

About you:
-You’re deep into the green scene – you know about the events and happenings related to local food and sustainability. And more importantly – you know people.
-You’re skilled or active in social media. Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels are key to developing more traction for a blog.

-Wordpress skills are a plus. We run the blog on WordPress. If you’re skilled enough, we’d love for you to manage the WordPress. If not, we can teach you.
-You can manage others. You’d manage incoming blog entries coming from our 5 other bloggers.
-You’re fun and passionate! At the end of the day it’s about enjoying the process.

Compensation: $15-$18 per hour.

Find out more here:

Content Writer for Exciting Auto Parts

Do you love cars? So do we! AutoShepherd is a startup online only auto parts store with an exciting work environment and excellent growth opportunity. We’re looking for writers to help us build our site content!

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
• Write product descriptions, brand descriptions and category descriptions

Compensation: Not disclosed

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Part-Time Creative Writing Position

I am in the process of assisting in the writing of my family biography. We have concluded the first rough draft of the first two of three sections with many hand written changes. We need the assistance of a skilled and experienced creative writer who has the enthusiasm to help us finalize our book. The job requires someone who is flexible with their schedule for two (2 hour) meetings a week with my 82 year old mother in West Covina. The stories will be told verbally and we would like the stories typed, written in proper book form, then emailed to me for review.

Compensation: Part-Time at $10 per hour

Find out more here:

Staff Writer

Fast Growing Digital Media Company Seeks Experienced Staff Writer

As a top media company, we are seeking a web-savvy Staff Writer to help develop, build and shape the future of our digital magazines and web sites. The successful candidate will assist in interviewing and writing Company Reports for our business or industry channels and fulfill the editorial development of web-based information.

Main Responsibilities:
• Writing, editing and managing Company Reports each month
• Conducting interviews with business leaders
• Developing, maintaining and growing the content, interactive services and features for your brand
• Writing and editing
• Collaborating with web development staff, work with basic html code and upload content to CMS tool

Compensation: Not disclosed

Find out more:

Grab your Slice of Writing Success

Are you ready to take your writing to the next level? Do you dream of writing the next best-seller? Do you long to see your name in print in magazines and on websites? Do you want to take the first steps to a lucrative writing career?

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    Set up a Freelance Writing Blog in your Spare Time

    Writing Course

    By Annette Young

    Many writers think that they have to invest a great deal of time and effort into their writing but it is possible to set up a freelance writing blog and start to have a dedicated readership in no time at all. If you are reading this and thinking that it would be impossible to dedicate enough time to really make the blog successful, think again, you just need to write smart.

    Writing is about much more than indulging a few creative impulses, it’s about knuckling down and writing to order, it’s about planning a meticulous schedule and trying your utmost to stick to it. If you’re worried that this will curb your creative impulses, don’t, with practice you obtain a more refined and controllable flow of creativity.

    You can plan your freelance writing blog weeks or months ahead. Make the most of periods of creativity and just blast out numerous writing posts and save them as drafts until you are ready to publish, a little forward planning will make the whole venture so much easier. It’s also easier to think blog topics whilst creativity is flowing and this will save you having to really work those brain cells if you are not in the right frame of mind for writing.

    Your freelance writing blog is what you make it, one post a day will have your dedicated readership growing steadily but two or three blog posts a week are sufficient. You can inject a little of your own personality, or you can share your trials and tribulations with the thousands who get to read you regularly, the content is entirely up to you.  You can be as creative as you like with your freelance writing blog and you can monetise it through google ads and display other paying writing related ads, but don’t think that you can’t set up and manage a freelance writing blog if you only have a few hours to dedicate to it, you will be amazed at how much you can achieve.

    Freelance Writing Made Easy

    freelancingby Annette Young

    If you are passionate about freelance writing and you would love to make it your full-time career, then you need to learn what works and what doesn’t, so that you can stand out against other writers. Freelance writing can be tough especially if you are just starting out or learning the ropes whilst trying desperately to make a living. My personal advice is that you prepare your mindset so that your focus is in place first and you know just what you are trying to achieve.

    Here are my top tips to help your freelance writing journey become a whole lot smoother:

    1. Don’t just give up the day job even if your burning ambition is to be a full-time writer. Do it the proper way, learn your craft and get a few published credits under your belt. Most importantly if you really want to go for it have at least six months money behind you so that you can pay your bills and you won’t starve.

    2. Create an ideas file. You can get ideas from anywhere and everywhere if you keep an open mind and absorb life as it happens to you or around you.

    3. Create a personal writing space. It doesn’t have to be big or grand; it just needs to be yours. An attic room, a quiet corner in your house or a sheltered garden glade, it’s entirely up to you as long as you can concentrate and become inspired.

    4. Recycle your ideas, even those that have been published.

    5. Don’t be down when you get rejections, learn from them. If you get a personalised comment with the rejection, take heart, it’s not usual. Use each rejection as a way to learn the freelance writing craft even more.

    6. Designate set writing hours where possible. If you’re an early bird, capitalise on that and write your heart out. If not, write in your lunch hour or after putting the children to bed. Freelance writing means making sacrifices and allowing time to study your craft.

    7. Meet other writers where possible because writing can be a lonely occupation. You might be the most gregarious person but when you are writing, you become introspective.

    8. Read, read, read. Find time to establish what is current. Learn writing styles; add new techniques to your repertoire.

    Your freelance writing may not always be easy, but it will be eventful and ultimately, satisfying.