Descriptive Writing Competition


1st Prize: £100  Gayle Potter

2nd Prize: £50.00 P. Carter

Poetic in Blue


by Gayle Potter

Picture postcard, a watercolour palette of mottled blue hues spreading across the expanse of sky.

Distant mountains dominate the skyline, mesmerising, a perfect frame and the scenery, envelops me.I feel the cool shades nurturing and cocooning my frazzled senses, wrapping me in a tranquil blanket, serenity itself.  The lake mirrors the sky and only a gentle splash breaks the surface as fish rise to greet the day. There is a feeling of hush, of whispered secrets in the new morn as I sit on dewy grass and contemplate life. A cool gentle breeze teases the leaves and grasses rustle at the foot of the tree trunk sending a shiver of anticipation. This ethereal world so removed from the hustle and bustle of reality, fades away as dawn and gentle bird song herald the day.