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Writing Tip of the Week 33

Writing ideasFrustrating isn’t it? You finally found the time to write but now, there’s a block on fresh new ideas. You sit there, you stare at the screen, you type a couple of words and you frown a lot. You can be forgiven for thinking that creative writing is not a whole lot of fun at this point but, although this happens to all writers, the trick to success is to make sure you store up some exciting ideas ready for these frustrating times. 

Have a book dedicated to your creative ideas and wade through them when your creative impulses are low. Equally, plan any writing time the night before.

When I am writing fiction, I often stop at an exciting point (even though I am keen to continue) and this helps me to fire up my imagination the next day. All of these suggestions can work well for you and will at least trigger off the desire to write. Then you just simply have to keep working through the blockage until your creativity wriggles free and you are in ‘the zone’. 

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